Gear Up for Safe Travels: Best Dash Cams of 2023 for Kiwi Road

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Best dash cam overall​

ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4″ IPS Screen, 150° Wide Angle, WDR, Night Vision:

The ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam is a top-of-the-line on-dash camera that offers stunning UHD 2160P recording, a wide 150° field of view, and built-in WiFi and GPS for easy sharing and tracking. This camera is perfect for anyone who wants to document their travels or capture beautiful scenery while on the road. The night vision feature ensures that you’ll be able to capture clear footage even in low-light conditions, while the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) ensures that your recordings will be clear and detailed no matter what the lighting conditions are. Overall, the ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a high-quality on-dash camera.​

On-camera display provides helpful info
Lots of included accessories
Excellent video quality
Velocity, altitude, temperature​

Motion detection can be intrusive on long road journeys
Bulky design​

Weight: 1.14 pounds
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Size: 2.5 x 2.56 x 1.18 inch
Technology: GPS
GPS Accuracy: Built-In
Usage: Minivan, Bus, Car, Truck


Best dash cam overall​

REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear​

If you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-packed dash cam, the REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear is a great option to consider. This camera records in 4K/2.5K Full HD resolution, and features a built-in Wi-Fi GPS for easy location tagging and sharing. It also has a 3.16″ IPS screen for easy viewing, and night vision for improved visibility in low-light conditions. Plus, with a 170° wide-angle lens, you’ll be able to capture more of the action. And if you need to leave your car parked for extended periods of time, the 24H Parking Mode will keep an eye on things for you.​

Capable of recording in 4K and 1080p
Good performance in daytime conditions
Dual recording
Recording in 4K/2.5K
Recording in 4K or 2.5K​

Can get very hot
Doesn’t include a storage card​

Wi-Fi: Yes
Size: 1.46 x 3.74 x 0.79 inches
GPS: Built-in
Model: F7N-PLUS
Color: Black
Screen size: 3.16”
Powered: Yes
Time-lapse: Yes


The best in-mirror dash cam​

WOLFBOX Silver Bullet G840S Mirror Dash Cam​

We all know the importance of safety when driving. We’ve all seen the commercials about car accidents and how they can happen in an instant. That’s why having a dash cam is so important. It can help you record what happened in the event of an accident, and it can also help you avoid accidents altogether.

The WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam is a great option for anyone looking for a dash cam. It’s a backup camera that is also a full HD smart rearview mirror, so you can see what’s behind you as well as what’s in front of you. It has night vision and parking assistance, so you can avoid accidents even when it’s dark outside. And it comes with a free 32GB card and GPS, so you can keep track of your location.

The WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam is a great investment for anyone who wants to be safe while driving. It’s a game-changer when it comes to safety, and it can help you avoid accidents altogether. So if you’re looking for a dash cam, the WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam is a great option​

Front and rear cameras
Reasonable price
Super sharp 4K video
Video is usable after cut
Optional G840S Wi-Fi module​

The free 32GB memory card isn’t great
Finding your car can be a workout​

Connectivity: USB
Display: 1080P
USB: Yes
GPS Tracking: Yes
Colour: Black
Geometry: Mirror flip
Weight: 1.9 pounds


Best dash cam overall​


PRUVEEO Dash Cam, 4 Channel Camera FHD 1080Px4, Front Left Right and Rear, Front and Rear Inside, Built-in GPS WiFi, Polarizing Lens CPL Filter, Free 128GB Card, Double CPL is an on-dash camera that allows you to record footage of the front, left, right, and rear of your car, as well as the front and rear interior. The camera has a built-in GPS system that allows you to track your location, speed, and route. The camera also has WiFi capabilities, allowing you to connect to the internet and download footage to your computer or smartphone. The camera comes with a free 128GB memory card, and the option to purchase a double CPL filter.

The PRUVEEO Dash Cam is a high-quality on-dash camera that offers a wide range of features. The camera has a sleek design and is very easy to install. The footage that the camera records is clear and sharp, and the built-in GPS system is a great feature. The WiFi capabilities are a great addition, and the free memory card is a nice touch. The only downside to this camera is the price; at $429.99, it is​

Good audio quality
GPS can be turned on or off
GPS and Wi-Fi
Built-in GPS
GPS navigation​

Limited viewing angle
Bulky design​

Included Components: Car Mount, Car Charger, Quick Guide, User Manual, Cable Clip
Video Capture: 1080p
Orientation: Drivers Side
Weight: 1 pounds
Size: 5.91 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches
Wireless: Yes
Geardirection: Front and Rear


The best dash cam overall​

FocuWay Dash Cam Front & Rear​

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K Built-in 5GHz WiFi, Dual Dash Cam Front 4K Rear 1080P Hidden Dash Camera for Cars. This is a powerful and feature-packed dash cam that offers everything you need to keep an eye on your vehicle while on the road. It’s got a built-in 5GHz WiFi that allows you to connect to your smartphone or tablet for live streaming, or to download and share footage. The dual dash cam design means you can record both the front and rear of your vehicle in 4K resolution, while the hidden design ensures that your camera won’t be easily visible to would-be thieves.

The Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K Built-in 5GHz WiFi, Dual Dash Cam Front 4K Rear 1080P Hidden Dash Camera for Cars also comes with a free 64GB SD card, so you can store plenty of footage. And if you need to record at night, or in low-light conditions, the Super Night Vision feature will ensure that your footage is still clear and visible. The Dash CamFront and Rear 4K Built-in 5GHz WiFi, Dual Dash Cam Front 4K Rear 1080P Hidden Dash Camera for Cars also​

Night driving footage
Two cameras in one device
Great quality recordings
Live Super Night Vision
Beautiful 4K footage​

Performance could be better
Bulky design​

Color: Silver
Weight: 15.8 ounces
Connectivity: Wireless
Model: T5
6 in 1 Capability: Loop recording, G-sensor, Camera & Cable, Parking, Night Vision, Microphone


The best car screen for car overall​

SIVROCK Portable Wireless Carplay with 1080P Back Camera​

If you’re looking for a an awesome carplay with a backup camera, Ultra HD Android Auto Car Play Screen, and a 2.5K Dash Cam, then you should check out the SIVROCK Store! I absolutely love this product! It’s so easy to use and makes my car look so much more professional. The Bluetooth GPS Navigation Touch Drive Screen is extremely user-friendly and the FM Radio System sounds great! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great on-dash camera!​

Excellent video
Comes with front and rear cameras
Excellent video quality
Wireless charging
Works with most aftermarket cars​

Limited features
Needs subscription for most features​

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Included: Front Camera, Mobile Phone, Both Camera
Video Capture: 1080p
Weight: 2.27 pounds
Package size: 10.79 x 6.02 x 5.04 inches
Voice Control: Yes
Dashboard Mount: Yes

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