Best Looking Cars in New Zealand Up to 2024

best looking cars nz upto 2024

Get ready to see the future of car design in New Zealand. In the world of stylish cars new zealand, we will soon see a lot of awesome cars. These cars will combine new technology with beautiful designs.

The future brings us futuristic car models, sleek designs, premium beauty, and gorgeous shapes. The best car designs in nz will really stand out. You’ll see luxurious looks that will amaze you and innovative designs that are the future of cars.

These cars will change what we think of as beautiful. They’ll become the new standard of beauty for cars up to 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • New Zealand is set to witness an influx of visually stunning automobiles that blend cutting-edge technology with sleek and elegant designs.
  • From fully electric crossovers to retro-inspired vans and luxurious seven-seaters, the upcoming vehicles will redefine automotive artistry on Kiwi roads.
  • Prepare to be captivated by premium car aesthetics, beautiful automobile silhouettes, and cutting-edge car exteriors.
  • The best-looking cars in New Zealand up to 2024 will feature futuristic designs, sleek lines, and elegant shapes that set new standards for automotive styling.
  • Get ready to witness luxury vehicle appearances that will leave you breathless, as automakers push the boundaries of what’s possible on four wheels.

Unveiling the Era of Stylish Automobiles

The car world is changing, with new vehicles mixing beauty and usefulness perfectly. The Nissan Ariya shines, being a fully electric crossover SUV that also looks great as an SUV. Also, the Chery Omoda 5 gets attention, a compact SUV with an eye-catching SUV look.

Nissan Ariya: A Fully Electric Crossover SUV

The Nissan Ariya stands out in the zero emissions vehicle area with its elegant and stylish SUV design. It’s a fully electric crossover SUV that lets you move in style. It has a spacious EV interior you can adjust for your comfort. The Ariya can go up to 610 km on a single charge, making long trips easy and fun.

Chery Omoda 5: A Compact SUV with Eye-Catching Design

The Chery Omoda 5 grabs eyes with its compact SUV design and beautiful eye-catching SUV style. It comes in many cool color combinations, including a bold red stripe. Kiwi roads won’t be the same when you drive by. The electric vehicle option takes it further with its special angular front end. You can choose between petrol and EV to have a ride that’s both stylish and fun to look at.

Model Type Design Highlights Range
Nissan Ariya Fully Electric Crossover SUV Sleek, stylish SUV design, spacious interior Up to 610 km
Chery Omoda 5 Compact SUV Eye-catching design, intricate details, color combinations, angular front end EV option available

The car industry is turning more electric and stylish, with the Nissan Ariya and Chery Omoda 5 at the forefront. They show what’s possible when you combine beautiful design with eco-friendliness. We’re entering a new era of driving, one where stylish SUVs lead the way.

Embracing Sustainable Luxury: Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing fast, especially in the area of sustainable luxury. Automakers are meeting this demand by designing all-electric vans and seven-seater electric SUVs. These vehicles offer both eco-friendliness and high performance.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: An All-Electric Van with Retro Styling

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz takes inspiration from the classic VW Kombi but gets a modern twist. It seats up to seven and mixes retro styling with modern features, giving a fun driving experience. The ID. Buzz can go about 520 km on a full charge, making it great for long trips and outdoor fun. It can also charge other things, making it handy for camping.

Volvo EX90: A Powerful and Safe Seven-Seater EV

The Volvo EX90 stands out in the electric vehicle world, focusing on luxury and safety. As a seven-seater electric SUV, it has a powerful electric engine and can travel up to 600 km on one charge. It’s loaded with top-notch safety features to keep you safe on the road.

It also supports bidirectional charging, so you can use its power for other things. Plus, it looks and feels top-of-the-line, making the EX90 a luxury electric vehicle not to miss.

Model Price Range Power/Torque Range
GWM ORA $42,990 – $58,990 126kW/250Nm 310km-420km
MG4 $46,990 – $69,990 125kW/250Nm, 150kW/250Nm, 300kW/600Nm 435-530km
OMODA E5 $47,990 – $54,990 150kW/340Nm 430km
BYD DOLPHIN $49,990 – $55,990 70kW/180Nm, 150kW/310Nm 340km-427km
MG ZS EV $49,990 – $64,990 130kW/353Nm 320km-440km
NISSAN LEAF $54,990 – $63,990 110kW/320Nm, 160kW/340Nm 270-385km
HYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC II $57,990 – $71,990 100kW/295Nm 311km
BYD ATTO 3 $58,990 – $71,490 150kW/310Nm 320km-420km
FIAT 500e $59,990 – $64,990 87kW/220Nm 320km
OPEL CORSA $59,990 100kW/260Nm 383km
PEUGEOT e-208 $59,990 100kW/260Nm 349km

Hybrid Powerhouses: Efficiency Meets Performance

In the world of compact SUVs, the 2024 Toyota C-HR shines with its use of hybrid technology. It combines great power with low emissions and fuel-efficient drives. The modern styling and aerodynamic design make it stand out. It’s available in two versions, standard and GR Sport, with eight different colors.

Toyota C-HR: A Striking Compact SUV with Hybrid Technology

The Toyota C-HR uses a hybrid powertrain to balance power and efficiency. You can drive up to 14,000 km a year and spend only around $1,880 on fuel. This balance between modern styling and eco-friendliness makes it a top pick for those who care about the environment and style.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid Fuel Efficiency
Striking Compact SUV Design Hybrid Powertrain 14,000 km Annual Range
Modern Styling Low Emissions $1,880 Estimated Fuel Cost

The compact SUV design of the 2024 Toyota C-HR mixes modern styling with the latest hybrid technology. This makes it a powerhouse on the road. It’s exciting to drive, all while caring for the planet through fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Redefining Automotive Icons: The Best Looking Cars in New Zealand Up to 2024

The automotive field is changing fast, bringing us visually captivating vehicles. These cars are more than just transportation. They become automotive icons in New Zealand, like stylish electric crossovers, retro vans, and luxury seven-seaters.

These cars have cutting-edge styling, first-rate materials, and fine details. They’re the future of automotive artistry on Kiwi roads. They catch our eye and change our idea of car beauty.

There’s a big shake-up in iconic car designs. Automakers are breaking old rules of beauty. The future car trends show their drive for perfection. They mix form and function like never before.

Make Model Highlights
Volkswagen ID. Buzz All-electric van with retro styling, seating for up to 7, long range, and bidirectional charging
Volvo EX90 Powerful 7-seater electric SUV, long range, premium safety features, and bidirectional charging
Ferrari Purosangue Revolutionary four-door luxury SUV with a naturally aspirated V12 engine and advanced suspension technology

The iconic Volkswagen ID. Buzz gives a nod to the VW Kombi with its retro look. Then there’s the ultra-posh Volvo EX90 and the revolutionary Ferrari Purosangue. These cars’ cutting-edge aesthetics redefine car beauty.

Kiwi drivers are in for a treat with these visually captivating vehicles. Each car perfectly marries design and technology. They appeal to both the sight and the heart of the driver.

The Future of Automotive Versatility

The Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid is a rugged utility vehicle that combines tough technology with a strong design. Its design is tough yet modern, giving it an edge in the car world. This truck can tow up to 3,500 kg, which means you can do more tasks easily.

What sets this truck apart is its ability to be a mobile power source. You can use it to power up tools or camping gear, even in remote places. This makes it perfect for people who love the outdoors.

A Rugged and Capable Utility Vehicle

The Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid’s rugged design proves it’s tough and ready for anything. Its strong look makes you feel sure you can handle hard roads and rough job sites. It’s made to take on challenging tasks without breaking a sweat.

This truck is not just strong; it’s environmentally friendly too. With its smart hybrid engine, it drives well, saves gas, and produces fewer emissions. It’s perfect for those who care about the earth and still want great performance.

As cars keep getting better, trucks like the Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid show us what’s possible. With its tough build, modern technology, and care for the planet, it’s a top pick for New Zealanders. It’s perfect for both adventures and daily life needs.

Redefining Automotive Elegance

The Ferrari Purosangue is a game-changer in the world of four-door luxury SUVs. Its revolutionary design and top-class performance show the legendary Italian brand’s commitment to automotive elegance.

ferrari purosangue luxury suv

A Masterpiece of Engineering and Design

The heart of the Purosangue is a special naturally aspirated V12 engine. It shows Ferrari’s focus on delivering great power. This, paired with advanced suspension technology, offers an unparalleled high-performance driving experience.

The vehicle’s exterior is a work of art. It’s designed with sleek lines and powerful features. With 22-inch and 23-inch wheels and fine carbon fiber additions, it’s a sign of luxury. These show that the four-door luxury SUV is in a league of its own.

A Cabin Tailored for Connoisseurs

Inside, the Purosangue impresses with its high-quality design. Each space, for the driver and passenger, is made for comfort and style. It comes with the best features and technology for an unmatched driving experience.

With its unique features, top-notch performance, and outstanding style, the Ferrari Purosangue changes the game. It sets new standards for luxury SUVs, becoming an icon of Ferrari’s ability to create more than just cars. It creates vehicles that are art on wheels.

Setting New Standards in Design

In New Zealand, the car industry is heading towards a big design change. Makers are using new ideas in how cars look. They want to make cars that catch your eye with every shape and line.

This change is led by those who dare to dream big. They use the best stuff and pay attention to even the smallest details. Their cars are more than just machines; they’re like moving art, both inside and out.

Automakers are no longer content with mere transportation; they are crafting automotive masterpieces that captivate the senses and ignite a passion within every enthusiast.

It can be an electric car that looks fast even when it’s not moving. Or it can be a tough SUV ready for any adventure. These cars all share a commitment to new styles. Each part of their look is carefully planned to work together perfectly.

  1. Embrace the future: Electric vehicles are leading the charge, with their sleek and aerodynamic designs that showcase the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and breathtaking aesthetics.
  2. Rediscover automotive icons: Classic designs are being reimagined with a modern twist, blending nostalgia with contemporary elegance, creating vehicles that pay homage to the past while boldly forging into the future.
  3. Elevate the everyday: Even the most practical vehicles are being infused with a sense of style and sophistication, transforming mundane commutes into artistic journeys that celebrate the joy of driving.

The future of car design is full of exciting possibilities. Automotive makers have to pursue new design goals. By focusing on new looks and quality, they can make cars that people truly love.

Marrying Performance and Style

In the world of automotive design, combining performance and style is a top goal. It captures the hearts of fans around the world. Soon, many high-performance vehicles will show up. They mix amazing power with smooth and aerodynamic designs.

These cars feature powerful engines for thrilling speed. Their shapes are not just cool, they also help cut through the air well. They show the beauty of linking performance and style. They’re made with top-notch stuff, detailed work, and care. This makes their driving feel like nothing else, mixing excitement with grace on the road.

These high-performance vehicles are the peak of making cars. They blend intense power with stunning luxury automotive styling.

If you love excitement or beautiful design, these cars will amaze you. Here are some models everyone is excited about. They are the ideal mix of performance and style:

Model Engine Top Speed Design Highlights
Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica 5.2L V10, 631 hp 325 km/h Sleek Italian design, lightweight body, aggressive aerodynamics
Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 4.0L V8 Bi-Turbo, 720 hp 325 km/h Muscular lines, active aerodynamics, carbon fiber accents
McLaren 765LT 4.0L V8 Twin-Turbo, 755 hp 330 km/h Lightweight carbon fiber body, aggressive aero package, scissor doors

These cars show what’s possible when performance and style meet perfectly. They offer a ride that’s exciting and looks amazing.

Cutting-Edge Aesthetics on Four Wheels

Automotive design is heading towards cutting-edge aesthetics that redefine what we see on four wheels. Automakers lead this charge, blending futuristic car designs with innovative styling, advanced materials, and aerodynamic shapes. These cars catch our eyes, boost how well they run, and save energy, showing us a new level of beautiful cars.

Cars show amazing motion with their smooth, moving lines and fine details. These details highlight the effort and care behind each car, making them masterpieces. The latest lights, like LED matrix headlights, make them look modern and stylish. And their unique looks make a big statement on the road, drawing attention with their leading-edge design.

But it’s not just about looks. These cars offer a thrilling drive that mixes up-to-date technology with style and performance. Their design helps them glide through the air, while lightweight materials and strong but efficient engines make the ride exciting. Inside, they’re like luxurious spaces with high-quality materials, smart controls, and state-of-the-art tech. They create a smooth adventure for everyone in the car.

Looking ahead in the world of car design, it’s clear that vehicles pushing the edge in beauty and function will win our hearts. These cars are more than just a way to get around. They’re true art pieces, reimagining what true car beauty is and sparking a design passion in the next wave of enthusiasts.

The Epitome of Automotive Artistry

As an automotive enthusiast, I’m always amazed by the masterpiece vehicles on our roads. They represent the top of automotive artistry. These cars are more than just a way to get around. They are exquisite designs made with care and premium craftsmanship.

The 2023 Lexus RX 500h F Sport is a perfect example. It combines great hybrid tech with a beautiful look. The award-winning design is all about luxury car aesthetics. It shows the brand’s commitment to making cars that work well and look amazing.

luxury car design artistry

The 2023 BYD Seal Performance is another great example. This electric car looks sleek and has top-notch technology. It comes in long-range or high-performance models. No matter your choice, its great looks and fast speed will impress you.

Not just sedans and EVs impress with their exquisite designs. The 2023 VW Amarok PanAmericana, for example, is a rugged yet stylish off-road option. It’s built with the Ford Ranger but with V6 power. It can tow a lot. Its design and premium craftsmanship launch it into the automotive artistry class.

These vehicles are not just modes of transportation but true works of art on four wheels, captivating audiences and setting new standards for luxury car aesthetics.

The 2023 MG MG4 Essence 64 offers both value and fun. The MG4 XPower with its dual motors is spacious. The 2023 Cupra Born V+ has great handling and room for your stuff. These cars all show how to blend beauty and function perfectly.

In our time, where tech and design meet, these cars showcase what we can do. They go beyond basic needs to truly breathtaking styling. They are the top of automotive artistry, truly made to please our eyes and inspire our love for driving.

Blending Innovation and Beauty

In the fast-changing world of car design, mixing innovation and beauty is a big achievement. Soon, we will see cars that bring cutting-edge technology and stunning designs together. This blend shows the best of advanced engineering and premium car aesthetics.

These vehicles aren’t just about looking good. They have the latest in technology and sleek designs. They offer new ways to drive that are beautiful and high-tech. With their advanced looks and features, they will change the way we see cars.

Picture driving a car that’s full of the latest tech and turns heads with its design. The mix of great engineering and art makes driving more than just moving around. It’s like being part of pure car art.

The key to great cars is mixing new tech with beauty, making cars that are amazing on the road.

These cars go beyond just getting you from A to B. They have powerful engines, designs that cut through the wind, and plush interiors. They are at the top of modern car design, both in function and looks.

Automaker Model Innovation Highlights Design Highlights
Mercedes-Benz EQS Industry-leading range, advanced battery technology Sleek and aerodynamic silhouette, luxurious interior with a hyperscreen
Lucid Air Efficient and powerful electric powertrain, advanced driver assistance systems Sculpted and aerodynamic exterior, spacious and premium interior
Porsche Taycan High-performance electric motors, advanced regenerative braking Iconic Porsche design with sleek lines, luxurious and driver-focused interior

Looking to the future, cars will be even more impressive. They will blend advanced tech with beauty. This new wave of cars will change how we think about driving.


Looking ahead in New Zealand’s car industry, we see amazing cars coming up. These cars will not just be eye-catching but packed with the newest tech. So, we’re waiting for electric crossovers, retro-style vans, luxury seven-seaters, and strong utility trucks. Each of them will change the car world with their unique design and features.

These cars won’t be just any vehicles. They will be art on wheels, drawing everyone’s eyes. Picture models like the sporty Citroen e-C3 or the ultra-rare Aston Martin Valhalla. The variety from these examples shows the future of car design.

Do you love stylish cars, ones that perform well, or ones that help our planet? Well, the coolest cars in New Zealand until 2024 will meet those wishes. Think of the BMW M5 Touring, a hybrid with lots of power, and the Alpine A290, run by an electric motor. These cars prove that looking good doesn’t mean they can’t be powerful too.


What makes the Nissan Ariya stand out in the electric vehicle market?

The Nissan Ariya is a standout in the electric car market. It has a sleek design that catches your eye. This fully electric SUV is not just stylish. It has a roomy inside tailored for comfort and ease.

What are the unique features of the Chery Omoda 5?

The Chery Omoda 5 is easily spotted with its unique style. It comes in bold color choices, including a standout red stripe. This model’s EV version pushes the design further with its modern front look.

What makes the Volkswagen ID. Buzz stand out?

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz blends the old with the new in a cool way. It’s a fully electric van that can seat seven. This van mixes retro design with modern tech and is surprisingly fun to drive.

What are the key features of the Volvo EX90?

The Volvo EX90 is all about luxury and safety in the EV world. It’s a big SUV with plenty of space and a powerful electric motor. This model is packed with the latest sensors to keep you safe and has a long driving range.

What makes the 2024 Toyota C-HR stand out?

The 2024 Toyota C-HR shines with its hybrid build. It’s great on performance and keeps emissions low. This compact SUV looks sharp and is available in many colors, including those in a special sport edition.

What are the key features of the Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid?

The Ford Ranger Plug-In Hybrid mixes ruggedness with cutting-edge hybrid tech. It can tow a lot and also powers your tools or gadgets. This makes it perfect for those who work or play off the beaten path.

What makes the Ferrari Purosangue unique?

The Ferrari Purosangue is unlike any Ferrari before, defining a new category. It’s an SUV, but a Ferrari first, with a top-notch engine and suspension. This model is exceptional both in design and performance, truly a standout.
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