As a global leader in electric vehicles, Tesla has helped accelerate EV adoption in New Zealand and readied the country for a sustainable transport future. With high-tech, high-performance sedans, SUVs and trucks, Tesla offers Kiwis unrivaled electric driving experiences today.

Model Body Style Range Acceleration
Model 3 Sedan 358 – 491 mi 3.1 – 4.2 sec 0-60 mph
Model Y SUV 330 – 525 mi 3.5 – 4.8 sec 0-60 mph
Model S Sedan 405 – 516 mi 1.99 – 3.1 sec 0-60 mph
Model X SUV 333 – 348 mi 2.5 – 3.8 sec 0-60 mph

Tesla’s Entry into the NZ Market

  • Tesla officially entered the New Zealand market in 2016
  • Opened first NZ retail store and service center in Auckland in 2017
  • Currently operates stores in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • Has installed 64 Supercharger stations across NZ enabling nationwide travel
  • Model S and Model X vehicles arrived first, followed by Model 3 and Model Y
  • By 2022, over 12,000 Teslas registered in New Zealand

As more Kiwis go electric, Tesla has laid the foundation to become a popular sustainable choice with the range, performance and charging infrastructure to suit New Zealand’s regions.

Designed for NZ Roads and Lifestyles

Tesla’s ever-improving technology offers compelling benefits well-aligned to New Zealanders’ transportation needs.

  • No petrol, lower running costs from charging networks powered by renewable energy
  • Advanced safety features and Autopilot capability for open rural roads
  • High ground clearance and all-wheel drive options handle varied terrain
  • Spacious models like Model X cater to active, outdoor hobbies
  • Over-the-air software updates continuously add functionality

Tesla models boast cutting-edge innovations not found elsewhere in locally available EVs.

Accelerating NZ’s Transition Beyond Oil

As part of the global energy transition, New Zealand aims to hit net zero emissions by 2050. Transport currently comprises nearly 50% of the country’s carbon footprint.

  • Government incentives introduced to boost EV uptake
  • Feebate scheme penalizes high emission car imports
  • Ban on new petrol/diesel car sales proposed by 2035
  • Tesla leading wider market, making EVs an aspirational choice

By inspiring Kiwis to go electric, Tesla is playing a key role in reducing New Zealand’s reliance on imported oil and cleaning up the transport sector’s emissions profile.

Cybertruck & Semi Poised to Disrupt Industries

Beyond passenger vehicles, Tesla has even more revolutionary EVs coming to NZ soon.

Both the Cybertruck and Semi truck are set to shake up industries from agriculture and construction to logistics and commercial transport:

  • Cybertruck: With armored glass and exoskeleton body, this pickup can handle off-road work while delivering best-in-class towing capacity and feature set to contractors, farmers and builders
  • Semi: Boasting massive torque and range between charges, this long haul truck cruises smoothly and quietly while outperforming diesel counterparts in efficiency and driver experience

Businesses small and large are realizing the Cybertruck and Semi perfectly align with bottom lines and sustainability initiatives alike.

The Future is Electric with Tesla

Started in 2003, Tesla ignited today’s EV revolution and has consistently moved all-electric transport forward the furthest. Now past the early adopter phase in markets like New Zealand, Tesla finds itself ready to capitalize as EVs enter the mainstream.

With ever-improving autonomous driving functionality, expanded model lineups catering to more lifestyles and Elon Musk continuing to push boundaries, Tesla vehicles look to be leaders both globally and locally for decades to come. Choosing Tesla means choosing the future – one powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels.

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