Exploring the Rugged Mitsubishi Delica NZ Models

Mitsubishi Delica NZ

Picture this: the wind in your hair, driving through New Zealand’s stunning landscapes. The Mitsubishi Delica is your perfect adventure buddy. Its rugged design and versatile features are ideal for any journey.

Whether it’s winding mountain roads or off-road paths, the Delica is reliable. It’s built to tackle all kinds of terrain with ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mitsubishi Delica is a versatile and rugged vehicle popular among adventure enthusiasts in New Zealand.
  • These models were not officially sold in the USA by Mitsubishi but can be imported once they are 25 years old.
  • The Delica vans come in various trim levels, configurations, and engine choices, making them a desirable option for those seeking a unique and capable vehicle.
  • The Delica Star Wagon L300 is the most iconic and popular model among Delica enthusiasts, featuring a unique styling and versatile interior.
  • The Delica offers excellent off-road capabilities and is designed to handle various terrains.

A Brief History of the Mitsubishi Delica

The Mitsubishi Delica first hit the roads in 1968. It became a hit in Japan and Southeast Asia. Called the Colt in some places, the early models had small engines.

In 1979, the second-generation Delicas came out with an optional four-wheel drive. They shared parts with the Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero. These versions were also sold under different names around the world.

Starting in 1986, the third-generation Delica Star Wagon was produced until 1993. It was designed more like a car with a unibody chassis. It also had a solid rear axle and a traditional 4WD system. The Delica Star Wagon L300 is a favorite among enthusiasts today.

The Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon L300

The third-generation Mitsubishi Delica, called the L300, stands out in the Delica series. It’s a favorite of many who love these vans. Imported from Japan, they have right-hand drive. They come in many styles, engines, and configurations.

Early L300 vans had four headlights and sliding windows for fresh air. Later, they got modern lights and flip-open windows. They also offer different roof styles, like the high-roof option with a big, clear roof.

Delica Star Wagon L300

Known for being tough and flexible, the L300 is perfect for adventurers and families in New Zealand. With its many choices, there’s an L300 for everyone.

These vans are a big deal in New Zealand’s market. Imported from Japan, you can find them easily for sale. Their unique look and solid reliability make them top picks for van lovers.

Trim Levels and Interior Features

Available in several trim levels, the L300 has something for all budgets and preferences. Options range from the basic GLX to the high-end Super Exceed.

Its interior is all about comfort and function. It can seat up to seven, making it great for families or groups. You can rearrange the seats to create space for sleep or storage.

Engine Options and Performance

The L300 offers engine options for any need, balancing power with efficiency. These choices ensure it drives smoothly and reliably.

This van shines off-road, thanks to its sturdy build and four-wheel drive. Its ability to handle tough terrains makes it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.

Trim Levels and Interior Features of the Delica Star Wagon

The Delica Star Wagon L300 offers trim levels like the GLX, Exceed, and Super Exceed. Each has features that meet different needs. The Super Exceed has more upgrades and amenities for those who want more.

For winter sport fans, there are models like the Chamonix and Jasper. They have a cool look and features that make winter trips better.

The Delica Star Wagon’s interior can hold up to seven people easily. It has front bucket seats, a middle row that can be a bench or captain chairs, and a rear bench. This makes it perfect for family or friend trips.

The Delica is great for its flexible space. The middle and rear seats fold down, making a big sleeping area. This is perfect for camping or long drives, making it a great choice for different adventures.

“The Delica Star Wagon’s interior is smartly made for comfort on any journey. With flexible seats and a fold-down bed, you can make it your own.” – Delica enthusiast

It’s vital to know, the Delica Star Wagon L300 doesn’t have airbags, and the rear seats have two-point lap belts. Safety is crucial, so driving safely is always important.

Interior Features at a Glance

Trim Levels Interior Features
GLX Standard features, basic interior
Exceed Additional interior upgrades, enhanced features
Super Exceed Higher-end interior features, additional amenities

Engine Options and Transmissions in the Delica Star Wagon

The Delica Star Wagon L300 comes with two engine choices. First, there’s the 2.5L 4D56 diesel engine. It has 86 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque for off-road fun. The second is a 2.4L 4G64 gas engine, with 107 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. These options let you pick what fits your driving needs best.

The L300 has two transmission types. You can choose a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual. The automatic is smooth and easy. The manual offers a more hands-on drive.

This van is made for the outdoors. It has a part-time four-wheel-drive system. This means you can easily drive on rough roads. It also has high and low range options and automatic locking front hubs. This ensures great traction and stability off-road.

Engine Options:

Engine Power Output Torque
2.5L 4D56 non-intercooled turbo-diesel 86 horsepower 148 pound-feet
2.4L 4G64 gasoline 107 horsepower 132 pound-feet

Transmission Options:

  • Four-speed automatic
  • Five-speed manual

The Delica L300 caters to all. It lets you choose between a diesel or gas engine. Together with solid transmissions, it’s ready for any journey. Its powerful drivetrain guarantees easy handling of tough paths, making every trip exciting.

Delica maintenance NZ

Unique Features and Options of the Delica Star Wagon

The Delica Star Wagon L300 has unique features that make it stand out. These features improve the functionality and joy of owning one.

Cool Box

The Cool Box is a small 12V fridge/freezer. It’s between the driver and passenger seats. It lets you keep drinks and snacks cold on trips.

Audio Stage Karaoke Machine

The Delica Star Wagon has an Audio Stage karaoke machine in the back. It’s great for singing along to your favorite songs. This feature makes trips or camping more fun with karaoke.

Various Trim Levels

You can choose from various trim levels. Each one has different graphics, materials, and wheels. This means you can pick a style that fits you best.

Rain Gutters and Roof Rack System

It has rain gutters, making it easy to add a roof rack. This is great for carrying extra gear for activities like camping or biking.

Cystal Lite Roof with Panoramic Windows

High-roof models can come with the Crystal Lite roof. This gives you panoramic windows that make the interior bright and open. But, remember, it might need extra care to avoid leaks and rust.

The Delica Star Wagon L300 comes with many unique features and options. There’s the Cool Box, karaoke machine, and several trim levels to choose from. Plus, it’s ready for extra storage with its roof system. The Delica Star Wagon makes for a fun and customizable drive.

Driving Impressions of the Delica Star Wagon

The Delica Star Wagon L300, especially in its diesel form, isn’t quick. With less than 90 horsepower, it prefers speeds under 65 mph. Gas models do move faster but are not for those seeking thrills. Drivers should know these are not racing vans. Yet, their strength lies in off-road adventures. The interior offers comfort and function, appealing to those loving exploration.

Performance and Handling

This van may not zoom like newer vans, but it shines off-road. With four-wheel drive and high ground clearance, it easily handles rough landscapes. The build is tough and the ride smooth, even off the beaten path. So, it’s a reliable companion for rugged terrains.

Comfort and Interior

The Delica Star Wagon boasts a roomy and practical inside. It fits passengers and gear, perfect for trips or camping. Seats can turn into sleeping spaces for resting. Plus, it has lots of storage and smart features for more convenience.

Off-Road Capabilities

The van is truly made for the wild. It’s built sturdy, with advanced four-wheel drive and locks to tackle tough terrains. It stays stable over rocks, streams, and hills. This makes it great for adventurers wanting to venture into remote places.

The unique driving experience, combined with the comfort and functionality of the interior, makes the Delica Star Wagon a popular choice for adventure enthusiasts.

If adventure is what you seek, consider the Delica Star Wagon. It’s not the fastest, but it’s unbeatable off-road. Its spacious interior and tough design make it perfect for the outdoors. It’s an outstanding choice for thrill-seekers.

Pros Cons
Excellent off-road capabilities Slower acceleration compared to modern vans
Spacious and functional interior Limited top speed
Rugged and reliable construction No airbags or advanced safety features
Comfortable ride on various terrains Lower fuel efficiency compared to smaller vehicles

The Delica Star Wagon stands out for its ruggedness and versatility, adored by adventurers. It’s perfect for camping, exploring, or enjoying a reliable ride. Contact your local Delica dealer in NZ for more info on making this wagon your adventure companion.

The Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear

The Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear is another model in the Delica lineup with a spacious and versatile interior. It’s based on the Pajero platform. This model is known for its raised roof and observation windows, offering a panoramic view from the back.

People often use the Space Gear as a camper van. It has lots of room for sleeping and storing things. It shares its engine choices with the Star Wagon L300. This makes it a great vehicle for camping and adventures.

Whether traveling through New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes or going on a memorable road trip, the Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear makes the journey comfortable and convenient.

Lifted Mitsubishi Delica L400 for Off-Roading

The Mitsubishi Delica L400 has become a top pick for off-road lovers. It’s now in Canada and the USA, perfect for custom builds. Known for their solid build, these L400s can be upgraded for better off-roading.

These vans are super adaptable, fitted for any off-road challenge. You can add heavy-duty suspension and protective gear. It’s all about making the Delica L400 fit your adventure needs.

“The Delica L400 is like a blank canvas for off-roaders. Its sturdy frame and ample cargo space allow owners to transform it into their dream adventure vehicle.”

The Delica L400 shines with its roomy and comfy inside. It has lots of seating and space for gear, perfect for any travel plan. It’s like a camper van but ready for the toughest roads.

Key Features of the Mitsubishi Delica L400 for Off-Roading

Features Description
Lifted Suspension This upgrade gives the Delica L400 more clearance. It lets it get over tough off-road blocks easily.
All-Terrain Tires For better grip and toughness on different grounds, these tires are a go-to for off-roaders.
Skid Plates Skid plates keep important parts safe from harm. This includes protection from rocks and branches on the trails.
Winch A winch is crucial for off-road journeys. It helps get vehicles unstuck or move through steep areas.
Roof Rack More storage comes with a roof rack. It’s great for tents, awnings, and extra lights.

There are many more mods and gear for the Delica L400. Off-roaders can set up their vans just right, ready for any adventure.

The lifted Mitsubishi Delica L400 is great for those who love the wild. It handles rough paths well and is comfy for any journey.


The Star Wagon L300 and Space Gear models of Mitsubishi Delica are great for adventure lovers and families in New Zealand. These vehicles are popular even though they are not officially sold in the USA by Mitsubishi. They offer a comfy drive with many engine choices and styles.

Looking for a camper van, off-road vehicle, or a family car? The Mitsubishi Delica is perfect for exploring New Zealand’s wild places. Their tough design and reliable performance make them ideal for the country’s harsh landscapes and outdoor adventures.

If you want a Mitsubishi Delica in New Zealand, there are many options. You can find Delicas for sale, whether used or imported, through dealers, private sellers, or specialists. Also, if you need Delica parts NZ, there are suppliers ready to help keep your vehicle in top shape.


Can I buy a Mitsubishi Delica in New Zealand?

Yes, you can buy a Mitsubishi Delica in New Zealand. Many dealers and private sellers have these vans. You can easily find one that suits your needs.

Where can I find Delica parts in New Zealand?

Delica parts are available in many places across New Zealand. You can check automotive stores, online sites, and special Delica suppliers.

Can I import a Mitsubishi Delica to New Zealand?

Yes, importing a Mitsubishi Delica to New Zealand is possible. There are experts who focus on bringing these vans from Japan and other places.

Are there customization options available for the Mitsubishi Delica?

Yes, you can customize your Mitsubishi Delica. There’s a range of accessories, mods, and upgrades to choose from. Make it uniquely yours!

How should I maintain my Mitsubishi Delica?

Keeping your Mitsubishi Delica in top shape is key. Make sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. Always go to a skilled technician for regular check-ups, oil changes, and maintenance.

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