Mitsubishi Grandis: Versatile Family MPV Review

mitsubishi grandis

When thinking of the ideal family car, I imagine one that gives comfort and utility. It also should hold our precious moments. Seeing the Mitsubishi Grandis for the first time was a moment like that. Its striking looks and spacious inside made it perfect for our family trips.

The Mitsubishi Grandis shines in the MPV category. It combines function and fashion brilliantly. Its bold grille and neat outline catch the eye, while the inside is a cozy retreat for everyone.

Look beyond its looks, and the Grandis impresses with its drive, too. It has a 2.4-liter engine that’s both potent and smooth. Safety is also key, with airbags and stability control coming as standard.

For any outing or the daily drive, the Grandis stands ready. It offers a dependable space big enough for any family’s necessities.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mitsubishi Grandis is a versatile and spacious MPV that offers a comfortable interior.
  • Its bold design sets it apart from other vehicles in its class.
  • The Grandis provides a smooth ride and adequate power with its 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine.
  • Safety is a top priority, with standard features like airbags and stability control.
  • The Grandis offers ample cargo space, making it ideal for families on the go.

Exterior Design of the Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi Grandis grabs eyes with its unique, appealing design. It’s known for a bold front grille and a strong build. This gives it a classic, tough look that makes it stand out.

Though it might look a bit older, the Grandis carries a charm. It embodies confidence and elegance effortlessly.

The Grandis’s long shape not only looks good but helps it move smoother. Its sleek lines and balanced body boost both performance and gas mileage. This car shines, whether in the city or on long trips.

Check out the image below to see the striking exterior design of the Mitsubishi Grandis:

The Grandis makes a statement with its bold look and detailed design. It matches well with its roomy and flexible inside. It’s the ideal pick for those valuing sophistication and assurance in an MPV.

Interior and Comfort of the Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi Grandis is all about comfort and functionality. It’s perfect for family road trips or everyday errands. This car has a spacious cabin that fits up to seven passengers comfortably.

The interior uses high-quality materials for a premium feel. Soft-touch materials in the cabin add to the comfort. It makes for a pleasant ride for everyone.

One top feature is the second-row captain-style seats. They offer superb comfort and can be adjusted. This lets passengers find their best seating spot for relaxing on long drives. The Grandis also provides good legroom and headroom in the back, making it comfy for adults on shorter trips.

The Grandis comes with a multifunctional steering wheel for easy control. This helps the driver easily manage audio and cruise control without hassle. It also has climate control. This means every passenger can stay comfortable, no matter the weather.

Storage in the Grandis is impressive, with lots of spaces for belongings. It helps keep the car tidy and organized. This design shows how the Grandis values a clutter-free space.

The Grandis is built to last, with strong materials that can handle daily use. Its interior is made to stay comfortable year after year.

Mitsubishi Grandis Interior

The inside of the Mitsubishi Grandis shows its dedication to comfort and convenience. It’s ideal for smooth commuting or fun family outings. With its ample space and great features, the Grandis ensures a pleasant journey for all.

For more information on the Mitsubishi Grandis interior, you can visit the official Mitsubishi Grandis page.

Performance of the Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi Grandis shines in everyday driving and long trips on the highway. It is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine. This engine is strong yet doesn’t use too much gas. It meets the demands of most drivers, offering a smooth journey for all inside.

It comes with an automatic transmission that changes gears effortlessly. This feature makes driving the Grandis easy and enjoyable. The smooth shifting adds to the car’s overall comfort, making every ride a pleasure.

The Grandis might not be a sports car, but it excels in comfort and joy. Its suspension is designed to smooth out rough roads. This makes every trip in the Grandis a comfortable experience.

The Grandis proves to be a versatile and dependable MPV. It handles city drives, long journeys, and full passenger loads with ease. Its performance is well-rounded, making it a reliable choice for a variety of needs.

Fuel Efficiency of the Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi Grandis may not top the list for fuel efficiency. However, it balances performance and efficiency well given its size. Despite not being the most fuel-efficient, it’s reasonable for an MPV of its class.

Fuel efficiency can change based on how you drive and the roads. On average, the Grandis gets 20-25 miles per gallon. This is great for everyday use and family outings. It gives good mileage without costing too much at the pump.

The Grandis might not excel in fuel efficiency, but it shines elsewhere. It comes with a spacious interior, comfy seats, and reliable driving. It offers a good mix, ensuring a pleasant journey with okay fuel use.

If you need an MPV that’s practical, comfortable, and fairly good on fuel, consider the Mitsubishi Grandis. It could be perfect for your family’s needs.

Safety Features of the Mitsubishi Grandis

Safety is essential in the Mitsubishi Grandis. It boasts standard safety features such as airbags, stability control, and more. These features give families and people peace. They ensure everyone feels secure.

The Grandis has airbags in key places to protect you if there’s a crash. There are front airbags for those in the front seats. Side and curtain airbags protect everyone in the car.

Stability control improves how the Grandis drives. It stops the car from losing control on tough roads. The system checks the car’s stability. It then makes necessary changes to keep it steady.

ABS stops the wheels from locking when you brake hard. This means you can still steer. It lessens the chance of skidding. This technology helps stop the car swiftly and safely.

Traction control is another helpful feature in the Grandis. It stops the wheels from slipping by managing power. This is great on slippery roads or when you speed up fast.

“Safety is a top priority in the Mitsubishi Grandis, as it comes equipped with a range of standard safety features.”

The Grandis may not have the latest driver-assistance tech. But, it still protects well. Remember, these features can’t take the place of driving safely and focusing on the road.

Peace of Mind for Families and Individuals

The Mitsubishi Grandis has many safety features. They give peace of mind to families and solo travelers. You can trust the Grandis to care about your safety.

Mitsubishi Grandis Safety Features

Safety Features Description
Airbags Strategically placed airbags offer protection in the event of a collision.
Stability Control Enhances handling and helps prevent loss of control in challenging road conditions.
Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) Prevents wheel lock-up during sudden braking, allowing for steering control.
Traction Control Helps prevent wheel spin and loss of grip by adjusting power to individual wheels.

Cargo Space in the Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi Grandis is known for its large cargo area. With the back seats down, it offers plenty of room for big items, luggage, or shopping bags. Even with all seats up, there’s enough space for your daily needs.

The Grandis is great at carrying all you need. Whether on a family trip or doing daily tasks, it handles it all. You can count on the Grandis to fit whatever you’re moving.

Families and individuals alike love the Grandis’s cargo flexibility. With the back seats folded, there’s room for bikes, strollers, or camping supplies. It’s easy to adjust the Grandis’s space for any activity.

Using all seven seats still leaves you with ample cargo space. Groceries, sports gear, or other items fit without a problem. Active families find the Grandis perfect, as it meets both passenger and cargo needs.

Pricing and Availability of the Mitsubishi Grandis

The Mitsubishi Grandis is a great MPV you can buy used. Prices change depending on the car’s age, miles, and condition. It’s a top choice for families and individuals because it’s affordable and spacious.

Learn more about the Mitsubishi Grandis on Wikipedia’s Mitsubishi Grandis page.

“The Mitsubishi Grandis provides a sought-after combination of affordability and space, making it a practical choice for families and individuals.”

If you need a trusty family car or just want a roomy MPV, the Mitsubishi Grandis is budget-friendly. Its good price and availability in the used market show Mitsubishi’s promise to meet diverse needs.

Model Year Price Range
2004 $3,000 – $6,000
2005 $3,500 – $7,000
2006 $4,000 – $8,000
2007 $4,500 – $9,000
2008 $5,000 – $10,000
2009 $5,500 – $11,000

Prices may change because of mileage, location, and how well the Mitsubishi Grandis has been kept. It’s smart to talk to known dealerships or use online sites. This way, you can compare prices and get a good deal for your needs.


The Mitsubishi Grandis is great for families and individuals. It’s reliable and comfy. But, it lacks the newest tech and safety add-ons. Even so, it’s good value for money. It has lots of room inside and performs well. If space and comfort come first for you, check out the Grandis for your family’s needs.

The Grandis stands out on the road with its unique look. It’s reliable and has lots of space inside for a smooth ride. The cabin is comfortable, thanks to soft materials and a good layout. Plus, there’s lots of room for stuff, ideal for families or anyone needing extra space.

Under the hood, the Grandis has a 2.4-liter engine that’s strong enough for daily use and long trips. Its suspension provides a smooth journey, and it’s not too hard on gas. Safety-wise, it has airbags, stability control, brakes that prevent locking, and traction control. This makes the Grandis a smart pick for day-to-day use and road trips.


What are the key features of the Mitsubishi Grandis?

The Mitsubishi Grandis has a roomy and adaptable interior. It boasts a unique, eye-catching design. Plus, it comes with a strong 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine.It provides good fuel economy for its class. Standard safety features ensure your protection. There’s lots of space for your stuff, making it a great value. You can find it at friendly prices in the pre-owned market.

How many passengers can the Mitsubishi Grandis accommodate?

Up to seven people can fit inside the Mitsubishi Grandis. It has three rows of seating.

Is the Mitsubishi Grandis fuel-efficient?

The Mitsubishi Grandis offers fair fuel efficiency. On average, it gets about 20-25 miles per gallon.

What safety features does the Mitsubishi Grandis have?

It comes with critical safety features.Expect airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes, and traction control.

How much cargo space does the Mitsubishi Grandis offer?

The Mitsubishi Grandis gives you a lot of storage room with the back seats down. You’ll still have enough space even when all seats are used.

How much does the Mitsubishi Grandis cost?

The cost of the Mitsubishi Grandis varies. It depends on its age, miles, and condition. You can find good deals in the used car market.

Is the Mitsubishi Grandis a reliable MPV?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Grandis is reliable and long-lasting. It’s a great choice for those needing a dependable, roomy car.
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