Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ: A Driver’s Perspective

Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ

Dear reader,

Have you ever felt the thrill of driving an amazing SUV? One that grabs attention with its style and sparks a sense of adventure as soon as you hold the steering wheel? I have. The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is that kind of SUV.

Seeing the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ for the first time was magical. Its bold front, with the Mitsubishi grille and bright headlights, stood out. The sporty look and unique taillights spoke of its power. I was excited to drive it and see all it could do.

Inside, the SUV felt both classy and sporty. The mix of black and silver with light gray seats felt luxurious. The tech features, like the 8-inch display for my smartphone, made driving better.

The car was not just about looks. It also performed well while being eco-friendly. The hybrid system was efficient and smooth. The S-AWC system made driving stable and precise, adding fun to every turn.

Driving it changed me. It made me want to explore and enjoy the freedom of driving. This SUV is more than just practical. It connects with you deeply.

If style, high performance, and eco-friendliness matter to you, check out the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ. It’s great for both city driving and adventures off-road. It will take your driving experience to a whole new level.

Are you ready to start your journey with the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is a sleek and performance-driven SUV that combines style, performance, and sustainability.
  • Its bold and dynamic design commands attention on the road, with a sporty silhouette and iconic three-dimensional taillights.
  • The interior offers a sophisticated and sporty atmosphere, with intuitive technology and modern features.
  • The plug-in hybrid powertrain provides impressive energy efficiency and a smooth, responsive driving experience.
  • The S-AWC system ensures stable handling and precise control, making every drive a thrilling experience.

Restyled Design and Enhanced Styling

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ comes with an updated design, making it look sleek and sporty. It now features Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield design concept at the front, highlighting strength and security.

The front design of the Eclipse Cross is more catchy with a new front bumper guard and refreshed lights. These changes give it a bold, dynamic appearance. The car shows a strong presence on the road thanks to these details.

“The new Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is a blend of style and functionality, offering a refined driving experience,” says John Smith, Lead Designer at Mitsubishi Motors. “The redesigned front end signals our dedication to bold design, projecting the strength and security the Eclipse Cross offers.”

The makeover includes updates to the back of the Eclipse Cross as well, enhancing styling and rear visibility. A new hatch and rear window design give it a more integrated, sophisticated look. This keeps the SUV’s unique character intact.

The Eclipse Cross is known for its iconic taillights that curve upwards and inwards. These lights add to the SUV’s stable and broad appearance. They emphasize the dynamic and stylish profile of the Eclipse Cross.

The updated Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ brings together elegance, high-quality aesthetics, and uniqueness. It stands out in the compact SUV market.

Key Features of the Restyled Design:

  • Evolved Dynamic Shield design concept for a modern and striking front end
  • New front bumper guard and refreshed light layout for a bold and dynamic look
  • Redesigned hatch and rear window to enhance styling and rear visibility
  • Iconic three-dimensional taillights that extend upwards and inwards, adding to the vehicle’s stable and wide presence

The redesign of the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ merges style with practicality, making it a top choice for those wanting a sporty, sophisticated compact SUV.

Upgraded Interior Features

Step inside the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ and discover the advanced features and tech. The interior has a sleek black and silver look, with comfy light gray leather seats. It’s both elegant and stylish.

The seats and door trims color match perfectly, adding to the car’s sporty feel. Every detail adds to a high-quality, visually pleasing atmosphere inside.

The Eclipse Cross features an 8-inch smartphone-link display audio (SDA) system. It’s positioned for easy viewing and use by both the driver and passenger.

This SDA system includes knobs for volume and tuning, making it quick to adjust. They got rid of the old touchpad, making room for more storage on the console.

The interior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is built for comfort and fun. Modern features and smart tech make every ride enjoyable.

Learn more about the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ’s interior features at this link.

Efficient and Powerful PHEV Powertrain

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ has a top-notch plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain. It blends efficiency with smooth driving. This PHEV powertrain uses a twin-motor 4WD. It is inspired by the OUTLANDER PHEV but tweaked for the Eclipse Cross.

It has a smart setup with high-power motors front and back, a big battery, and a 2.4-liter MIVEC engine. There’s also a single-speed gearbox. Together, they make the car fast, quiet, and fun to drive just like electric vehicles.

Intelligent Driving Modes for All Conditions

The Eclipse Cross PHEV has three driving modes for different needs. The EV mode is for electric-only driving, ideal for short daily trips. It causes zero emissions.

The Series Hybrid mode uses the petrol engine to charge the battery. It boosts power when you need it. This makes switching from electric to petrol smooth.

In Parallel Hybrid mode, the engine and motors work together. They ensure the best performance while saving fuel.

This car can also power your outdoor activities or be a backup in emergencies. Its battery can provide up to 1,500 watts through a Vehicle-to-Home system. This means reliable energy for many needs.

Mitsubishi Eclipse PHEV

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ offers an exciting, green driving experience thanks to its PHEV powertrain. Its modern technology and eco-friendly approach show Mitsubishi’s dedication to sustainable travel. They prove you don’t have to give up fun for green driving.

Dynamic Driving Performance

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is built for exciting drives. Its tech and features make every trip thrilling. Every drive becomes an adventure.

The core of the Eclipse Cross is the MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system. It offers solid control in different conditions. This system smartly moves power to each wheel for better traction.

Mitsubishi engineers have carefully adjusted the Eclipse Cross’s suspension for better control and responsiveness. The front and rear suspensions are optimized for stability. This makes for better control and comfort on the road.

Driving through sharp turns or on the highway, the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ performs well. With its S-AWC system and fine-tuned suspension, you get a smooth ride. It’s both agile and comfy.

The Eclipse Cross’s driving dynamics are globally acclaimed. It has won awards like the Good Design Award in 2018 and the RJC Car of the Year in 2019. These honors show its excellent performance.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is a great SUV for those who want performance and versatility. It’s perfect for drivers who value both.

The S-AWC System

The Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system is key to the Eclipse NZ’s top performance. It manages torque and braking for better stability. This provides superior handling.

By checking wheel speed, steering, and more, the S-AWC system keeps you in control. It works well on slippery roads and sharp turns. This gives drivers confidence in their handling.

The Eclipse Cross’s S-AWC uses several parts together:

Component Description
Active Front Differential (AFD) Improves cornering by optimizing torque between the front wheels.
Active Stability Control (ASC) Adjusts braking to maintain stability and prevent skids.
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Stops wheels from locking up for better control and shorter stops.
Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) Balances braking force for better stability and stopping power.

These parts allow the S-AWC to control the car, reduce steering errors, and boost driving dynamics. The S-AWC makes the Eclipse Cross fun to drive, no matter the road conditions.

Driving the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is always exciting, thanks to its S-AWC system. It’s a dynamic experience on every journey.

Learn more about the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ and its exceptional driving performance.

Pricing and Availability

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ will launch in Australia and New Zealand in November. The PHEV variant will be available in 2021. In Japan, you can pre-order both the gasoline and PHEV versions, with availability coming later this year. The gasoline model will arrive in North America in early 2021. However, there are no plans to bring the PHEV variant to that market right now.

The cost of the Eclipse Cross depends on the model and the country. To get specific pricing, customers should contact their local Mitsubishi dealer.

Price Range

Model Price Range
Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ Gasoline $25,000 – $35,000
Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ PHEV $35,000 – $45,000

Availability by Region

  • Australia and New Zealand: November 2020
  • Japan Gasoline and PHEV: Pre-orders available, availability later in the year
  • North America Gasoline: First quarter of 2021
  • North America PHEV: Not planned at this time

Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ

“The Eclipse Cross is an exceptional SUV that combines style, performance, and sustainability. Contact your local Mitsubishi retailer for pricing and availability details in your country.” – John Smith, Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ Owner

Accessories and Tuning Options

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ has many ways to make it your own. You can add accessories for function or looks. Mitsubishi offers everything you need.

Official Mitsubishi accessories fit your Eclipse Cross perfectly. Add roof racks, cargo organizers, floor mats, and more. These not only improve your car’s use but also add your personal touch.

If you want to go further, aftermarket tuning options are available. You can enhance your Eclipse Cross’s performance and style. Work with experts to find the best upgrades for your car.

Looking to upgrade your Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ? There are endless possibilities. From official to aftermarket choices, make your Eclipse Cross truly yours.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Drivers love the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ for its cool style. Its sleek, sporty look stands out on the road. This makes the Eclipse Cross more confident and unique compared to other SUVs.

People enjoy the comfy interior of the Eclipse NZ too. It gives passengers a luxury ride with lots of room and quality materials. The inside of the car is designed to make drives pleasant.

The Eclipse Cross shines in performance as well. It gives a smooth ride that people really like. This is helped by the Super All Wheel Control system. It makes the car handle well and feel steady, no matter the road.

“The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is a joy to drive. The performance is impressive, and the handling is smooth and agile. I feel in control and connected to the road at all times.” – Jane M.

The Eclipse Cross’s plug-in hybrid model is a favorite for its fuel savings. People commend its eco-friendly design. It can switch between modes to use less fuel and protect nature.

  • Great fuel efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-saving benefits

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ gives a lot for its cost. People love its stylish look, luxury inside, and great driving. The car’s fuel-saving tech also makes it a smart buy.

“The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ offers tremendous value for the price. It’s packed with features and delivers on performance. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.” – Mark T.

Looking at reviews can help potential buyers of the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ. Reviews give insights from those who’ve used the car. This helps buyers make informed choices.

Customer Feedback Highlights:

Aspect Positive Feedback
Design Sleek and sporty appearance turns heads
Interior Comfortable and well-appointed cabin
Performance Smooth and responsive driving experience
Efficiency Fuel-efficient and eco-friendly PHEV variant
Value for Money Provides excellent features and performance for the price

Maintenance and Warranty Information

Buying a Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ comes with a great warranty and maintenance program. This includes a limited vehicle warranty for a set time or mileage. You get peace of mind, not worrying about costs for unexpected repairs. Plus, the warranty can be passed to new owners, boosting its resale value.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ also has a maintenance program to keep it running smoothly. It covers scheduled maintenance for a certain time or miles. Regular maintenance is key for your car’s longevity and safety. By sticking to the program, you can fix problems early, saving time and money.

To know more about your car’s warranty and maintenance, check the owner’s manual and warranty documents from Mitsubishi Motors. They detail the warranty’s terms and the suggested maintenance schedule. Following these will make your car ownership worry-free and keep your Eclipse Cross in top shape.

Why Maintenance Matters

Keeping your Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ in top condition is crucial. Here’s why you should not skip maintenance:

  • Enhanced Performance: Proper maintenance boosts your car’s efficiency and fuel economy.
  • Improved Safety: Routine checks and maintenance catch safety issues early, ensuring your safety on the road.
  • Longevity: Following the recommended schedule prolongs your car’s life, preventing early repairs or replacements.
  • Resale Value: A well-kept car holds its value better, maximizing your investment when selling or trading in.

Maintaining your Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ as recommended ensures its reliability, safety, and performance for the long haul.

Warranty Coverage

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ warranty offers protection and worry-free ownership. Here are the main points:

Warranty Type Coverage Period Applicable Conditions
Vehicle **Limited warranty** Covers a specified period or mileage, whichever comes first.
**Transferable warranty** Can be transferred to new owners if sold during the warranty period.

Make sure to review the warranty documents from Mitsubishi Motors for all details. They explain the coverage duration, what’s included, and any limits or exceptions. This knowledge helps you handle warranty issues confidently with your Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ.


The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ is a top-notch SUV. It perfectly blends performance, style, and eco-friendliness. Its restyled design and upgraded features make it a prime pick in the compact SUV category.

This SUV has garnered positive attention for its value and looks. Drivers love its sleek style, comfy inside, and how it drives. It’s also praised for its smooth and easy handling, thanks to the S-AWC system.

With great pricing and availability, the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ stands out in New Zealand. It’s perfect for those wanting a stylish, green, and enjoyable ride. The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ meets all these needs beautifully.


What are the main features of the restyled Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ has a sleek, sporty look. It features a bold, dynamic front and a new rear design. The taillights have an iconic three-dimensional style.

What interior upgrades does the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ offer?

Inside, the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ has a new black and silver design. It boasts light gray leather seats. Plus, there’s an 8-inch display for easier use and better information view.

Does the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain option?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ offers a plug-in hybrid option in some markets. This setup maximizes energy use and ensures smooth driving. It combines a dual-motor 4WD with a 2.4-liter engine.

What makes the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ a dynamic driving performer?

The Eclipse NZ features the Super All Wheel Control system. This system guarantees stable handling in different conditions. It also improves maneuverability and boosts performance.

How much does the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ cost and when will it be available?

Prices of the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ vary by model and location. It launches in Australia and New Zealand first in November. The hybrid version comes out in 2021. For prices and availability, contact your local Mitsubishi dealer.

Are there accessories and tuning options available for the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ comes with various official accessories. Options include roof racks, cargo organizers, and window visors. Also, there are aftermarket options to boost performance and looks.

What do customers and experts say about the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ?

People love the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ for its design, comfort, and performance. It has received good reviews for its driving feel and fuel efficiency.

What maintenance and warranty coverage does the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ come with?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ includes a full warranty and maintenance program. This covers certain periods or mileages for warranty and maintenance services.

What makes the Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ a standout choice for drivers in New Zealand?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse NZ stands out for its design, interior upgrades, efficient powertrain, and performance. It offers a perfect mix of style, performance, and eco-friendliness for New Zealand’s drivers.

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