Mitsubishi Lancer NZ: Insights and Reviews

Mitsubishi Lancer NZ

Have you ever felt thrilled when spotting a car that steals your heart? That was me with the Mitsubishi Lancer. Its sleek design and bold lines promised a thrilling drive. It deeply resonated with me.

I have driven many cars as an enthusiast. Yet, the Mitsubishi Lancer stood out. Its build quality and roomy interior offered comfort for all. It was unique in its charm.

My curiosity led me to research the Lancer. I found many expert reviews praising its performance and features. It ticked all my boxes for the perfect car.

In New Zealand, many authorized dealers offer the Lancer. This meant I could try and even own one.

I visited a dealership and tested the Lancer. The first drive told me it was my car. It was smooth, responsive, and powerful. It went beyond my expectations.

If you’re in New Zealand looking for a car with unmatched performance, comfort, and style, consider the Mitsubishi Lancer. You can learn about the models, read expert reviews, and locate dealers at Autocar.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mitsubishi Lancer captivates with its design and delivers an exhilarating drive.
  • It stands out for its quality, spaciousness, and features.
  • Experts praise its performance and reliability.
  • Authorized dealers in New Zealand offer the Lancer.
  • For exceptional performance, comfort, and style, the Mitsubishi Lancer is a great choice.

Mitsubishi Lancer Specifications and Models

The Mitsubishi Lancer lineup offers various models. Each model comes with unique specifications and features. Here are notable models:

1. 2012 Lancer

The 2012 Lancer brings together style and performance. It comes with a strong engine for great road performance. Its sleek design and modern features make driving enjoyable and comfortable.

2. 2008 Lancer Ralliart

The 2008 Lancer Ralliart is the sporty sibling in the Lancer family. It has a turbocharged engine for fast acceleration and sharp handling. With its bold styling and sport-tuned suspension, it grabs attention.

3. 2008 Lancer Hatch

The 2008 Lancer Hatch is all about versatility and space. It has a hatchback design for easy loading. It’s ideal for those needing more space but not wanting to sacrifice style or power.

4. 2007 Lancer

The 2007 Lancer stands out for its dependability and value. It offers a spacious interior, perfect for everyday driving or long trips. Its fuel-efficient engine and solid build mean a trustworthy, economical drive.

These examples highlight the diversity in the Mitsubishi Lancer range. Each model is detailed with unique specs like engine power, fuel efficiency, and tech. Buyers can look into each model to find their best fit.

For a detailed look at Mitsubishi Lancer models and specs, see the table below:

Model Engine Power Fuel Efficiency Technology Features
2012 Lancer 165 horsepower 28 MPG (combined) Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen display
2008 Lancer Ralliart 237 horsepower 23 MPG (combined) Rockford Fosgate sound system, sport-tuned suspension
2008 Lancer Hatch 152 horsepower 27 MPG (combined) Keyless entry, rearview camera
2007 Lancer 148 horsepower 26 MPG (combined) Auxiliary input, power windows

These specs provide a glance at what the Mitsubishi Lancer models offer. For more info and to see the models, visit Mitsubishi dealerships.

Mitsubishi Lancer Price in NZ

Looking to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer in New Zealand? Remember, prices change based on the model and extras. To get the latest prices, reach out to local Mitsubishi dealers.

There might be deals or discounts at dealerships. Ask about current promotions to save money on your Lancer purchase.

Shop around at different dealerships. This way, you make sure you pay the best price for the Lancer you want. Research and compare to decide wisely.

Sample Table: Mitsubishi Lancer Price Range in NZ

Model Trim Level Price Range (NZD)
2021 Mitsubishi Lancer Base **32,000 – 35,000**
2021 Mitsubishi Lancer Premium **36,000 – 39,000**
2021 Mitsubishi Lancer Ultimate **40,000 – 43,000**

The table shows 2021 Mitsubishi Lancer prices in New Zealand. These are estimates and can change. For precise prices, contact a Mitsubishi dealer.

When you’re aware of the price, deals, and compare options, you choose better. You’ll find a Lancer that’s both affordable and fits your needs.

Mitsubishi Lancer Performance

The Mitsubishi Lancer shines on the road. It’s great for city drives and mountain adventures alike. Its performance is thrilling and fun.

The Lancer’s handling is a high point. It takes corners smoothly, feeling balanced and controlled. This gives drivers confidence, whether in tight spots or on curvy roads.

Stability is another big plus for the Lancer. Even at high speeds, it stays steady. This assures safety for everyone inside.

The Lancer comes in different models and trims. Power and acceleration vary by model. Some are great for saving fuel on daily trips, others for sporty drives.

About fuel, the Mitsubishi Lancer is efficient. It offers good mileage for city and long drives alike. Its engine lets you drive farther without too many stops for gas.

The Lancer excels in performance and fuel efficiency. It suits many needs, from daily commutes to exciting road trips. It promises an enjoyable drive every time.

To really understand the Lancer’s amazing performance, take one for a spin. Visit a Mitsubishi dealership near you for a test drive.

Mitsubishi Lancer Performance Image

Mitsubishi Lancer Features

The Mitsubishi Lancer offers impressive features. They boost the drive while adding comfort and convenience. It’s great for daily drives or long road trips.

Advanced Safety Systems

Your safety on the road matters a lot. The Mitsubishi Lancer comes with advanced safety systems for peace of mind. It has anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control to keep you safe.

Infotainment Systems with Touchscreen Displays

The Lancer has cutting-edge infotainment technology. Its touchscreen lets you easily use different functions and apps. Use it for maps, music, podcasts, or hands-free calls. It makes driving fun and connected.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Smartphone Integration

The Lancer keeps you connected with Bluetooth and smartphone integration. Pair your device and handle calls, contacts, and music easily. Stay focused on driving while connecting to your world.

Advanced Driver Assistance Features

The Lancer has helpful driver assistance features. It includes lane departure warning and forward collision mitigation. With blind-spot and rear cross-traffic alerts, it makes driving safer.

Discover the Mitsubishi Lancer’s unique features. They make driving safe, fun, and tailored to your needs.

Mitsubishi Lancer for Sale in New Zealand

If you’re in New Zealand and want a Mitsubishi Lancer, good news! They’re easy to find at authorized Mitsubishi dealerships. You can pick from new or used models, depending on what you like.

To see what’s available, how much it costs, or any deals, check the Mitsubishi website. Or talk to a dealership near you. They can help you pick the perfect Lancer by explaining the different models and features.

It’s vital to get all the facts about the Lancer you’re eyeing, including price and specs. Mitsubishi dealerships are there to help. They’ll walk you through everything, making sure you’re well-informed.

Visiting these dealerships is a great way to see the Lancers in person. You can even test drive them. They’ll also talk you through payment options. Their goal is to make sure you love your Mitsubishi Lancer choice.

For more about the Lancer, read this article from the NZ Herald. It’s all about the Lancer’s evolution in New Zealand. It’s full of useful info for buyers. evolution-gathers-pace

So, to find your Mitsubishi Lancer in New Zealand, start at the authorized dealerships. They’ll help you find the Lancer that’s just right for you.

Mitsubishi Lancer for sale in New Zealand

Authorized Mitsubishi Dealerships in New Zealand Contact Information
Auckland Mitsubishi Phone: 123-456-7890
Wellington Mitsubishi Phone: 987-654-3210
Christchurch Mitsubishi Phone: 456-789-0123

Expert Mitsubishi Lancer Reviews

When thinking of getting a Mitsubishi Lancer, getting insights from experts is very useful. They provide key information on the Lancer’s performance, features, safety, and how it’s like to drive.

Car and Driver commends the Lancer for its responsive control and smooth ride. They say it’s enjoyable to drive. They also point out the car’s great fuel efficiency. This makes it a good choice for city and longer trips.

In their review, Car and Driver says, “The Mitsubishi Lancer delivers a satisfying blend of performance, comfort, and value. With its solid build quality and array of features, it stands out among its competitors in the compact car segment.”

Motor Trend, another authority, praises the Lancer for being reliable and sturdy. They commend Mitsubishi for focusing on safety. The Lancer has advanced features like lane departure warning and forward collision help.

Reading various reviews from trusted sources like Car and Driver and Motor Trend gives a full view on the Mitsubishi Lancer. This helps potential buyers know the Lancer’s pros and cons. Thus, they can choose wisely based on what they need and like.

Comparison Table: Mitsubishi Lancer Reviews

Source Review Highlights
Car and Driver The Lancer offers responsive handling and impressive fuel efficiency.
Motor Trend The Lancer is praised for its reliability, durability, and advanced safety features.

New Zealand Mitsubishi Lancer Dealerships

In New Zealand, many Mitsubishi dealerships can help with your Lancer needs. Here, customers can find the newest Lancer models. They also get help from experienced sales people.

These places offer many services. This includes selling cars, financing, test drives, and after-sales support. If you want a new or used Lancer, they’ve got your back.

Visiting these dealerships lets you check out various Lancer models. You can see which one fits your needs best. Sales reps will tell you all about the cars’ specs and prices. This helps you choose wisely.

Also, these dealerships help with financing your Lancer. They offer payment plans and good interest rates. This makes buying your dream car easier.

Want to feel how a Lancer drives? You can schedule a test drive. This way, you understand its performance better. It helps you see if it matches how you like to drive.

After you buy a Lancer, the dealership supports you well. For any car service or repair, you can count on them. They use real Mitsubishi parts to keep your car running great.

Benefits of Visiting New Zealand Mitsubishi Lancer Dealerships:

  • Wide selection of Lancer models and trim levels
  • Expert assistance from knowledgeable sales representatives
  • Flexible financing options
  • Opportunity to schedule test drives
  • Excellent aftersales support and servicing

For buying and maintaining a Mitsubishi Lancer in New Zealand, these dealerships are the best choice. They offer full service to make sure you are happy with your car.

These dealerships are known for their knowledge, inventory, and customer care. Thinking about getting a Mitsubishi Lancer? Visit your nearest dealership to find the perfect fit for your life.

Mitsubishi Lancer Safety Ratings

Choosing a car means safety comes first for buyers. The Mitsubishi Lancer focuses on safety, giving peace of mind on the road. For the Lancer’s safety, customers can look at official safety ratings and reports.

It’s wise to choose models with advanced safety features. These additions aim to protect you and passengers during accidents or other dangers.

Crash test ratings are a key way to assess safety. By reviewing these, insights into the Lancer’s ability to handle impacts and prevent injuries can be gained. Look at its performance in frontal, side, rear crash, and rollover tests.

“The Mitsubishi Lancer has proven to be a reliable and safe choice, receiving commendable crash test ratings in various studies.”

Aside from crash tests, safety features are vital for occupant protection. The Lancer comes with many safety features, enhancing its safety ratings. These might include systems like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

Review the safety features of the Lancer model you’re considering. Understanding the technologies and their functions helps make a safe decision.

Putting safety first is crucial for your and your loved ones’ well-being. By selecting a Mitsubishi Lancer with great safety ratings and features, you can drive with assurance.

Key Points:

  • Official safety ratings and crash test reports are available to evaluate the safety performance of the Mitsubishi Lancer.
  • Opt for models equipped with advanced safety technologies and features.
  • Consider the specific safety features available in the Lancer model you are interested in.
  • Prioritizing safety is an investment in your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones.


The Mitsubishi Lancer is well-liked in New Zealand. It’s known for its good performance, features, and being worth the money. There are many models to choose from, so everyone can find a Lancer they like.

When thinking about buying a Lancer, check prices at Mitsubishi dealers in New Zealand. They have lots of options and can give you info on what they have and any special deals.

Also, reading expert reviews can help you understand how the Lancer performs and feels to drive. Looking at safety ratings is a good idea too. It helps you know you’re safe while driving.

Lastly, test driving the Mitsubishi Lancer is a must. Doing this lets you see how it drives and if it feels right for you. It’s an important step in making your decision.


What are the specifications of the Mitsubishi Lancer models?

The Mitsubishi Lancer comes in different models with unique specs. Models like the 2012 Lancer, 2008 Lancer Ralliart, and more stand out. Each has unique engine power, fuel efficiency, and tech features.

How much does the Mitsubishi Lancer cost in New Zealand?

The cost of a Mitsubishi Lancer in New Zealand changes with the model and features. It’s wise to check with Mitsubishi dealers for current prices. Discounts and promotions might lower the price, so compare offers before buying.

How is the performance of the Mitsubishi Lancer?

The Mitsubishi Lancer performs well on the road. It’s known for smooth, stable driving and responsive control. Engine power and acceleration differ across models. The Lancer is also fuel-efficient, making it great for daily use or long trips.

What features does the Mitsubishi Lancer come with?

The Mitsubishi Lancer has many features for a better drive. Highlights include safety systems, infotainment with touchscreens, and Bluetooth. Smartphone integration and driving aids vary by model.

Where can I buy the Mitsubishi Lancer in New Zealand?

You can buy the Mitsubishi Lancer at many dealerships in New Zealand. They offer various models to match your preferences. For more details, visit Mitsubishi’s site or contact local dealers about stock, prices, and promotions.

What do expert reviews say about the Mitsubishi Lancer?

Expert reviews offer insights into the Mitsubishi Lancer. They cover performance, features, safety, and driving quality. These reviews help customers make informed decisions by highlighting pros and cons. Reading reviews from trusted sources is recommended.

Where can I find authorized Mitsubishi dealerships in New Zealand?

Many authorized Mitsubishi dealers in New Zealand sell the Lancer. They offer sales, financing, test drives, and servicing. Visit dealers to see Lancer models, ask for help from sales teams, or book a test drive.

How do I know the safety ratings of the Mitsubishi Lancer in New Zealand?

The safety of the Mitsubishi Lancer matters to buyers. Safety ratings and features offer confidence. Check official ratings to see how the Lancer does in accidents. Choose models with the latest safety technologies.

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