Peugeot 307 in NZ: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

peugeot 307 in NZ

Looking for a stylish, reliable compact car with French flair and practicality in New Zealand? The Peugeot 307 is a strong candidate.

This guide looks at what makes the Peugeot 307 great. We’ll check out its design, how it performs, and why it’s a good fit for the New Zealand market. It’s for anyone interested in a peugeot 307 used cars nz or buying new. This article will help you make a good choice.

Key Takeaways

  • The Peugeot 307 offers a distinctive French design and driving experience in the compact car segment.
  • It is available in various body styles, including hatchbacks, wagons, and convertibles, catering to diverse buyer preferences.
  • Petrol and diesel engine options, along with multiple trim levels, provide versatility in terms of performance and features.
  • While praised for its comfortable ride and handling, some owners have reported inconsistencies in build quality and dealer support.
  • A thorough inspection and consideration of ownership experiences are crucial when peugeot 307 for sale nz.

Introduction to the Peugeot 307

The Peugeot 307 is a fascinating compact car. It shows the unique style French cars are known for in New Zealand. With its fresh look, French features, and positive reviews, it has won many hearts.

French Automotive Flair

Peugeot stands out for bringing a special French touch to its cars. The 307 carries this well, with great looks and good performance. It’s a top choice for those looking at compact cars in New Zealand.

Peugeot’s Versatile Lineup

Peugeot offers more than just the 307. They have a big range of cars to meet different needs in New Zealand. You can choose from the new 407, updates on the 206, and more 307 versions. This ensures there’s something for everyone shopping for a Peugeot.

peugeot 307 in nz

The Peugeot 307 is loved in New Zealand for its roomy interior and comfortable ride. It has a good name for its driving style. Even though some people talk about its build, it’s still a top pick. You can get it with gas or diesel. Also, it comes in hatchback, wagon, and convertible types.

Looking for a used Peugeot 307 in New Zealand? You have lots of choices. You can choose from a hatchback, wagon, or convertible. Whether it’s a used or new Peugeot 307 for sale in NZ, this car shines in the market.

The Peugeot 307 has been a hit in New Zealand. It blends style with comfort and fun driving.

The Peugeot 307 in New Zealand wins key hearts. Families and daily drivers love it. It’s great for those who want to save fuel but still enjoy driving.

Body Style Engine Options Key Features
Hatchback 1.6L Petrol, 2.0L Petrol, 1.6L HDi Diesel Practicality, Sporty Handling, Efficient Diesel Option
Wagon 1.6L Petrol, 2.0L Petrol, 2.0L HDi Diesel Increased Cargo Space, Versatility, Composed Ride
Convertible 2.0L Petrol Open-Air Driving Experience, Sleek Styling, Fun Factor

Looking for a Peugeot 307 used car in NZ? Or maybe a new one? This French compact is a top pick for ease, comfort, and fun driving.

Exterior Design and Styling

The Peugeot 307 in New Zealand looks modern and purposeful. It stands out with its unique design. The front is sloped, the window is big, and the back is short. This creates a cool shape that catches everyone’s attention.

Purposeful and Modern Aesthetics

The Peugeot 307 looks cool from all sides. It has a French style that makes it look sleek and elegant. Its design makes it stand out, no matter where you go. Thinking of buying a Peugeot 307? Know that its looks are a big plus.

The Peugeot 307 reviews in New Zealand really like how it looks. It’s different from other small cars. Inside, it feels just as good. There are dark parts and a modern look. It all comes together to make the inside welcoming.

With its sharp lines and bold styling, the Peugeot 307 in New Zealand turns heads wherever it goes.

Driving in the city or on the highway is fun in the Peugeot 307. In New Zealand, its price makes it a great choice. You get a beautiful design, good driving, and great value.

Interior Cabin and Comfort

The Peugeot 307 in nz is a compact car with a spacious interior. It has climate control, electric windows, and remote central locking. This makes every drive comfy.

Roomy and Well-Appointed

The Peugeot 307 is small outside but big inside. It has lots of room for your legs and head. The seats are cozy, perfect for long drives.

peugeot 307 interior cabin

Standard Features and Options

The Peugeot 307 comes packed with safety and fun features. It has airbags, ABS brakes, and a CD player standard. Choose higher trims for extras like leather seats and a CD changer.

Reviews of the Peugeot 307 in nz love its interior. It’s made with care, using great materials and colors. This makes it a top-quality, cozy space.

Trim Level Standard Features Optional Features
  • Front and side airbags
  • ABS brakes
  • CD player
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking with remote
  • Climate control
  • Alloy wheels
  • Leather upholstery
  • Five-stack CD changer
  • Larger alloy wheels
  • Climate control
  • Sunroof
  • Heated seats

The Peugeot 307 is designed with care and full of features. It feels roomy and comfy inside. Whether you choose the base or premium model, the 307 is great for driving.

Engine Performance and Efficiency

The Peugeot 307 in nz shines with its great engine choices. A highlight is the 1.6L HDi diesel engine. This engine is strong yet efficient. It gives 80 kW of power and 240 Nm of torque. This makes driving very exciting.

1.6L HDi Diesel Engine

The 1.6L HDi diesel engine is full of power and saves fuel. Its technology makes sure fuel is used well. This gives a smooth start and quick speed. The peugeot 307 specs nz show how much fun this engine is.

Power and Torque Delivery

The 1.6L HDi diesel engine is known for its strong torque. It has 240 Nm ready to use at low speeds. This means you can overtake easily and drive well in all conditions. It’s great for enjoying the road.

Fuel Economy Figures

While it’s powerful, the 1.6L HDi diesel engine in the peugeot 307 reviews nz is also very efficient. It uses about 6.7 L for every 100 km. This helps save money on fuel. It’s perfect for those who want both power and efficiency.

For those who love to drive or just need a good car, the Peugeot 307 is a top choice. Its engine is a great mix of power, torque, and saving fuel. This makes it a favorite among peugeot 307 dealers nz and buyers.

Driving Dynamics and Handling

The Peugeot 307 in NZ is known for its balanced driving and excellent handling. Peugeot’s engineers made sure the 307 gives a fun and secure drive, even on rough roads.

Supple Suspension Setup

The Peugeot 307 stands out for its smooth ride, thanks to its soft suspension. This system finds the right mix of comfort and handling. It takes on bumps smoothly and stays firm in turns. This is why the Peugeot 307 reviews from NZ always talk about how comfortable it is.

Precise Steering and Braking

The car also has precise steering that gives clear feedback. It helps drive well in tight spots and on straight roads. Also, the brakes are sharp and dependable. They make you feel secure and in control when driving.

Even on rough roads, the Peugeot 307 stays steady. Its strong body and suspension keep you in control. This makes driving the 307 feel safe and fun, standing out in New Zealand’s car market.

Safety Features and Ratings

The Peugeot 307 in NZ takes safety very seriously. It has lots of safety features. This means it’s gotten great safety ratings. Every model has lots of airbags. These airbags help keep you safe if there’s a crash.

Airbag Systems

All Peugeot 307 specs nz come with front, side, and curtain airbags. They cover you from all sides in a crash. This makes a safe area inside the car for you.

Electronic Stability Control

The Peugeot 307 reviews nz also mention a special tech called ESC. ESC helps keep your car steady. It does this by controlling your car’s brakes and power when it’s slippery.

There are also special brakes in the car. They help you stop quickly. This is good even in hard times.

  • Front, side, and curtain airbags
  • Electronic stability control
  • Anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution
  • Emergency brake assist

The Peugeot 307 in NZ is very safe. It’s because of these great safety parts. People feel safe driving it because it keeps them well-protected.

Peugeot 307 Model Lineup in NZ

In New Zealand, buyers love the many types of Peugeot 307 cars they can choose from. There are hatchbacks, wagons, and convertibles. Each one fits different wants and needs.

Hatchback, Wagon, and Convertible Variants

The Peugeot 307 lineup has a hatchback for a city drive or family fun. There’s also a wagon with lots of room for gear and big families.

And for fresh air fans, the convertible is perfect. It lets you enjoy the sun with its retractable top. This model makes the 307 collection more stylish and fun.

Trim Levels and Engine Options

The Peugeot 307 in New Zealand comes in different trims. There’s XS for the basics and XSi for extra luxury. Each one has unique features.

Trim Level Engine Options Key Features
XS 1.6L petrol, 2.0L HDi diesel Air conditioning, power windows, CD player
XSE 1.6L petrol, 2.0L HDi diesel Alloy wheels, cruise control, foglights
XSi 2.0L petrol, 2.0L HDi diesel Leather upholstery, sunroof, upgraded audio system

You can pick from petrol or diesel engines for the Peugeot 307. The 2.0L HDi diesel is extra good with fuel and power. You can find the best engine for your driving style.

Ownership Experiences and Reviews

I own a Peugeot 307 in NZ. It has good and bad points. Many 307 reviews nz like its comfy ride and how fun it is to drive. It’s great for saving gas too. This helps people who watch their money.

Yet, some Peugeot 307 dealers nz get complaints. People mention the cars have issues with quality and some parts that might not work right. I’ve had a few problems myself. But, I found a good Peugeot 307 dealer nz. They have helped me fix things fast and well.

The 307 is a car that rewards those who appreciate its unique French character and don’t mind the occasional quirk or two.

What matters most is knowing the good and the bad. Also, finding a dealer who gets this car is important. A table below shows what people like and what they don’t from the Peugeot 307 reviews nz.

Pros Cons
Comfortable and supple ride Inconsistent build quality
Precise and responsive handling Electrical gremlins and niggles
Efficient diesel engine options Inconsistent dealer service
Distinctive French styling Rapid brake pad/disc wear

Reviews for the Peugeot 307 nz show good and bad stories. Yet, those happy with their cars love the unique French style and fun driving. The key is to find a good Peugeot 307 dealer nz to help you. They make sure you enjoy your 307 fully.

Buying a Used Peugeot 307

Thinking of buying a used Peugeot 307 in New Zealand? Be prepared for some issues. This model is popular but has common problems. Knowing these issues early can save you money on repairs.

Common Issues to Look Out For

Many Peugeot 307 owners complain about electrical gremlins. Problems like bad lights and power windows can be annoying and pricey to fix. You might also face rapid brake pad and disc wear. This leads to more maintenance costs if not handled well.

Some owners have seen seat cushion deterioration over time. This happens more in cars with a lot of miles. Bad seats can make driving very uncomfortable. It might also cost a lot to fix them. Poor paint quality is another issue. The paint on the 307 can chip and fade too soon.

Maintenance and Service History

Before getting a used Peugeot 307, check it well and its maintenance and service history. A car that’s looked after and has papers from good Peugeot dealers in New Zealand is a better buy. Watch out for any signs of neglect or missing service information. These could mean big repair costs later on.

Considering a used Peugeot 307 for sale in New Zealand? Having it checked by a Peugeot expert is a smart move. They can spot hidden issues and tell you about repair costs. This helps you decide smartly, based on associated prices.

Getting a pre-purchase inspection can keep you from bad surprises. It helps you get a Peugeot 307 that’s reliable, well-kept, and fits your budget.

Comparison with Competitors

In New Zealand, the Peugeot 307 really catches the eye. It shows off French style and fun driving. It might not be best in everything, but for a unique Euro choice, it’s top.

The 307 shines in looks and style. It stands out with modern lines and a sharp front. Inside, the dark accents and high-tech features are all about modern French design.

peugeot 307 reviews nz

But it’s not just about looks. The Peugeot 307 rides smoothly and handles twists with ease. Its sharp steering and strong brakes make driving fun and safe. This is all thanks to its fine European design.

While the 307 may not match some competitors in terms of build quality or dealer support, it offers a unique driving experience and a compelling package for those seeking a European alternative in the New Zealand market.

Compared to others in New Zealand, the Peugeot 307 might lack in some areas. Yet, for those who care more about style, comfort, and fun behind the wheel, it’s a great choice. It’s not the typical pick, but that’s what makes it special.


The Peugeot 307 in New Zealand has its special place. It mixes French style with real use and fun driving. Its making may not always be perfect, and help from dealers might need work.

The car is still a good choice for people wanting a comfy, well-equipped, and stylish car. To pick the best Peugeot 307 used car, think about the look you want, the engine, and your budget.

The Peugeot 307 line in New Zealand has models for all. You can get a hatchback, a wagon, or a convertible. There are different engines too, letting you pick what’s best for you.

Even if other cars have better building or dealer help, the Peugeot 307 stands out. Its unique design and fun driving make it special where Peugeot 307 for sale in New Zealand.

The Peugeot 307 in New Zealand is a nice pick for those looking for something different. It brings a touch of French car charm with being useful and fun to drive. By researching well and checking the car’s history, you can find a good 307. This will give you a great time driving and owning it.


What body styles is the Peugeot 307 available in New Zealand?

The Peugeot 307 is sold in New Zealand in different shapes. These include a hatchback, a wagon, and a convertible.

What trim levels and engine options are offered for the Peugeot 307 in New Zealand?

The Peugeot 307 in New Zealand offers many trim levels like XS, XSE, and XSi. You can pick from petrol engines such as the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter. Or, choose the 2.0-liter HDi diesel for better fuel use.

What are some common issues to look out for when buying a used Peugeot 307 in New Zealand?

When buying a used Peugeot 307, watch for some common problems. These include issues with the electrics, quick wearing of brakes, worn seats, and bad paint. Always check the car’s past maintenance and service.

How does the Peugeot 307’s fuel economy compare, especially with the diesel engine option?

The 1.6-liter HDi diesel engine in the Peugeot 307 is very fuel efficient. It can get around 6.7 L/100 km.

What safety features are included in the Peugeot 307?

The Peugeot 307 has many safety features. These include airbags for the front, sides, and over your head. It also has systems to help keep you from skidding, stop safely, and stop faster in an emergency.

How does the Peugeot 307 compare to its competitors in the compact car segment in New Zealand?

The Peugeot 307 is unique among other small cars in New Zealand. It has a stylish French design, a smooth ride, and is easy to handle. Although it might lack in quality and dealer support compared to others. It offers a special driving experience for those looking for a European car option in New Zealand.
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