Subaru Legacy: A Comprehensive Review of My Driving Experience

Subaru Legacy in NZ

Can a midsize sedan truly be adventurous? As a big fan of Subaru, I found the Legacy mixes useful features with a wild sense of adventure. This all-wheel drive vehicle from Japan goes beyond what you’d expect.

It’s got a boxer engine and EyeSight driver assist technology. This makes it a standout family car. Its look is both tough and classy, balancing between a sports utility wagon and Outback sibling well.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Subaru Legacy combines adventure-ready capabilities with practical midsize sedan comforts.
  • Its standard all-wheel drive system and boxer engine provide confidence in diverse driving conditions.
  • Advanced safety features, including EyeSight driver assist technology, offer peace of mind for families.
  • Turbocharged engine options deliver spirited performance without sacrificing efficiency.
  • The Legacy’s spacious interior and generous cargo space accommodate outdoor gear and family needs.

Introduction to Subaru Legacy

The Subaru Legacy is a key part of the brand’s cars, being the longest-running sedan. As a midsize car, it always brings value and power with its all-wheel drive. It gives great drives to families and those who love to explore.

Subaru’s Longest-Running Sedan

For over 30 years, the Legacy has been important for Subaru, showing its strong side as a sedan. As time passed, it kept up with what drivers needed, keeping its strong points like great for all types of weather, much space, and top safety scores.

All-Weather Traction and Value

The Legacy is loved for its all-wheel drive that helps it drive well in any weather. This, with its many safety features and good price, makes the Legacy stand out in the midsize car scene.

My Two Decades of Driving Subarus

I’ve been a fan of Subaru for more than 20 years, experiencing cars like the Legacy. Over the years, I found the Legacy to be very useful, with a great boxer engine and always reliable. This has made it a top choice for families and also as a good car from the Outback.

Trim Levels and Pricing

The 2024 Subaru Legacy has many trim levels for different needs and budgets. It is a midsize sedan that comes with amazing all-wheel drive. Starting with the Base model, it gives you all-wheel drive and versatility at a great price.

Base Model: Affordable All-Wheel Drive

The Base Subaru Legacy trim level is packed with all-wheel drive and more. You get a 7-inch display and safety tech. Even with its good price, it keeps the Subaru promise of performance and safety. So, it’s perfect for those wanting an affordable midsize sedan with all-wheel drive.

Premium and Limited: Added Comfort Features

The Premium and Limited trims add even more comfort and features. With heated seats, leather, and a bigger screen, they make the cabin feel premium. But, they stay true to the Legacy’s practicality and all-wheel drive.

Sport and Touring XT: Turbocharged Performance

The Sport and Touring XT trim levels are for those who love driving. They have a powerful turbocharged engine. This gives you 260 horsepower, a sporty suspension, and better brakes. All while keeping the Legacy’s all-wheel drive.

Trim Level Engine Horsepower Key Features
Base 2.5L Boxer 4-cylinder 182 hp All-wheel drive, 7-inch infotainment
Premium 2.5L Boxer 4-cylinder 182 hp Heated front seats, 11.6-inch infotainment
Limited 2.5L Boxer 4-cylinder 182 hp Leather upholstery, power tailgate
Sport 2.4L Turbocharged Boxer 4-cylinder 260 hp Sport suspension, paddle shifters
Touring XT 2.4L Turbocharged Boxer 4-cylinder 260 hp Nappa leather, premium audio system

The 2024 Subaru Legacy offers something for everyone. It combines all-wheel drive, turbocharged power, and premium features. All in a roomy and useful midsize sedan.

Exterior Design and Styling

The Subaru Legacy exterior looks calm and stylish. It’s the perfect example of a midsize sedan. It doesn’t have flashy looks, but its quality is clear on the road.

The Legacy stands out with a high grille. The grille gives it a bit of fun style. The black details make it even more attractive. It mixes elegance with a little bit of daring. This mix is what makes it special.

Sophisticated and Sedate Appearance

The Subaru Legacy looks quiet but elegant. It’s smooth and its size is just right. People who like simple beauty will really like it. Even though it’s not fancy, it still gets a lot of respect on the road.

Blacked-Out Grille and Trim Accents

The Legacy adds sporty looks with its blacked-out parts. These parts make the car look strong and fast. They don’t just look good, they hint at the car’s power too.

Mirror caps in matte silver add a little touch of style. They make the Legacy stand out even more. Every detail adds up to make the Legacy a car people notice.

Interior Comfort and Quality

The Subaru Legacy interior looks and feels top-notch. It has black and brown leather upholstery that shines with silver trim. The seats are made of Nappa leather and everything feels soft to the touch.

Two-Tone Leather Upholstery

The mix of two colors and soft leather make the inside cozy and fancy. This lifts the Subaru Legacy interior to a high standard.

Generous Front Seating Space

The front seats are very roomy. You can change them to be just right for you. They’re great for long trips or everyday driving, keeping you comfy and supported.

Practical Storage Solutions

Subaru made sure to have lots of places to keep your stuff. You’ll find space for all your things easily. The console between the seats also holds CDs, making it handy.

In the end, the Legacy is both classy and useful. It’s a great place for everyone in the car.

Feature Description
Upholstery Two-tone black and brown perforated Nappa leather
Front Seating Spacious and adjustable for optimal comfort
Storage Solutions Split armrest console with CD player slot and ample cabin storage

Subaru Legacy in NZ

In the New Zealand midsize sedan market, the Subaru Legacy is special. It has strong all-wheel drive and is a great value. It’s big inside, has lots of space for stuff, and keeps people safe. The Legacy is perfect for families and those who love the outdoors.

The Legacy always comes with all-wheel drive. This means it’s great on all kinds of roads and in bad weather. It’s big on the inside and can hold a lot, making it perfect for adventure and family trips around New Zealand.

The Subaru Legacy is known for being useful and reliable. It’s great for all the different roads and places in New Zealand.

The Legacy is super safe and has smart tech to help the driver. This makes it a great choice for families. In the New Zealand midsize sedan market, the Subaru Legacy is a top pick for anyone looking for a versatile and ready-for-anything car.

Cargo Space and Utility

The Subaru Legacy is great because of its cargo space and midsize sedan utility. Even though it looks sleek as a sedan, the Legacy has a big spacious trunk. This trunk holds all your stuff for trips or fun outside.

Spacious Trunk for a Sedan

The Legacy has a big trunk, 15.1 cubic feet. It’s like the Toyota Camry in size. You can easily put luggage, sports gear, or big stuff in here. It won’t mess with space for people inside.

Subaru Legacy cargo space

Cabin Storage and Versatility

Inside, the Legacy surprises with lots of places for stuff and is very useful. There are many door pockets, cupholders, and a bin in the rear armrest. You can keep all your things in order. It’s easy to find them when you need to.

The Legacy mixes space for lots of things with being practical inside. This shows that a midsize sedan can be very useful. It keeps its style and fun to drive too.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The Subaru Legacy wows with its easy-to-use infotainment and wireless smartphone integration. It has a standout 11.6-inch Starlink infotainment display. This big screen is great for managing different car settings, making it simple for anyone to use.

The first look at the Subaru Starlink infotainment system might seem messy. But, it works well with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means I can use my phone’s apps easily, making drives more fun.

Comprehensive Voice Commands

The Legacy’s stand-out feature is its comprehensive voice command system. It does more than just answer basic questions. It lets me control my car’s features without taking my eyes off the road. So, I can change the air or check directions hands-free.

11.6-inch Starlink Display

The 11.6-inch display makes using the infotainment a joy. It shows things clearly and looks great. Whether I’m using the map or playing music, the big screen makes everything easier. It’s like having a big friend helping me drive.

Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Pairing my phone with the Legacy is simple, thanks to wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. I can use my phone’s fun stuff without any plugs. It keeps me connected without being unsafe. So, I can focus on driving but still enjoy my phone.

Safety and Driver Assistance

Being a driver who cares about safety, I’m amazed by the Subaru Legacy’s features. The EyeSight driver assist technology and top safety ratings show Subaru’s dedication to keeping people safe.

EyeSight Driver Assist Technology

The Legacy’s top safety feature is the EyeSight system. It uses two cameras to look at the road. This system includes helpful tools like adaptive cruising and braking and lane-keeping assist. It keeps an eye out to help avoid crashes, making city and highway driving safer.

DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System

Subaru also has the DriverFocus system to help keep the driver focused. An infrared camera watches the driver’s eyes and head to spot if they’re distracted or tired. This driver monitoring system helps drivers pay more attention to driving.

Top Safety Ratings

The Legacy gets great safety scores from groups like the IIHS and the NHTSA. It’s built strong with lots of safety features. These made it a IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+. Thanks to these safety ratings, I know the Legacy puts safety first.

Performance and Driving Dynamics

I love to test how a car can perform. The Subaru Legacy, especially in its Sport and Touring XT models, gives a great ride. It has a turbocharged boxer engine and good chassis dynamics, making driving enjoyable.

Turbocharged 2.4-Liter Boxer Engine

The Legacy Sport and Touring XT have a strong 2.4-liter turbocharged engine. It makes 260 horsepower and pulls well from low speeds. This turbocharged boxer engine gives plenty of power, making it easy to merge onto highways and pass others.

Responsive Handling and Steering

Along with the powerful engine comes a well-tuned chassis. The Legacy grips the road well and turns smoothly. It feels lively on twisty roads, offering quick turns and stable handling.

Quiet and Comfortable Ride

Even with its sporty design, the Legacy stays comfortable. Its suspension smoothens out bumps, creating a quiet interior. This makes long trips on the highway very pleasant.

The Subaru Legacy is more than just performance. It’s a mix of fun driving, smooth comfort, and a quiet ride. It’s a great choice for those who love to drive.

Fuel Economy and Efficiency

Looking at the Subaru Legacy fuel economy, the basic 2.5-liter engines get 27 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. That’s great for a midsize sedan with all-wheel drive. It shows Subaru can make cars that save gas but still work well in any weather.

If you want more power, choose the Sport and Touring XT trims with the turbo engine. They get 24 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. These mpg ratings are less than the basic models. But, you get more power and quickness with the turbo engine.

Subaru Legacy fuel economy

The Subaru Legacy fuel economy makes it stand out in the midsize sedan class. This is true, especially with its all-wheel drive. No matter if you like saving gas or going fast, the Legacy has good mpg ratings. It manages to be good in both ways.

Model City MPG Highway MPG
Legacy 2.5L (Base) 27 35
Legacy Sport/Touring XT (Turbo) 24 32

The table shows the Legacy’s story: the basic models are really fuel efficient. But, if you want more power, the turbo engines do lower the mileage. The Legacy’s mpg ratings are good across the range. This proves it’s a great choice for a family car that’s practical and powerful.

Ownership Experience and Reliability

I’ve owned a Subaru Legacy for a long time. It has shown me its reliability and durability. The experience has been great. It is easy to drive in all weather. It’s quiet inside and feels very safe.

Long-Term Owner Perspectives

Owners agree that the Legacy is great in any weather. Its all-wheel-drive helps a lot. The car’s smooth suspension makes long trips comfy. And the quiet inside is perfect for peace and quiet.

The Legacy’s all-wheel drive system is a true game-changer. It instills a sense of confidence and control, no matter the weather or road conditions.

Some say it could use more gas. But, owning a Subaru Legacy is mostly good. It’s roomy inside with many features. The Legacy is a smart choice for daily use.

Subaru’s Reputation for Durability

Subaru is known for making long-lasting cars. The Legacy is proof of this. It lasts many years with care. The Legacy is perfect for families. It’s safe, comfortable, and ready for any trip.


The Subaru Legacy is great for families and adventurers. It has a practical family car. This car is perfect for all weather, roomy inside, and safe to drive. It’s a top choice for many.

The Legacy stands out with its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. This means it’s always ready to go. Its smooth ride and big space are perfect for trips or every day. Plus, it has EyeSight for extra safety on the road.

The all-wheel drive midsize sedan might look simple but it’s strong. With a turbo engine and Subaru’s trust for lasting cars, the Subaru Legacy stands out. It’s a great pick for anyone needing a reliable, all-weather partner.


What are the key features of the Subaru Legacy?

The Subaru Legacy has several great features. It has all-wheel drive as standard. It also has lots of space inside and advanced safety features like EyeSight. Plus, you can choose from several powerful engines, including one with a turbo option.

How does the Legacy perform in terms of fuel efficiency?

The standard model gets good gas mileage. It has 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 on the highway. These numbers are great for a midsize car with all-wheel drive. The turbo engine has a little less efficiency but is still good, with 24 miles per gallon in the city and 32 on the highway.

What sets the Legacy apart in the New Zealand midsize sedan market?

The Legacy is known in New Zealand for its great all-wheel drive and value. It’s spacious, has plenty of room for cargo, and is very safe. This makes it a top choice for families and those who love the outdoors.

How is the infotainment and connectivity experience in the Legacy?

The Legacy comes with a large 11.6-inch screen for its infotainment system. It works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without needing wires. You can also control it easily with your voice.

What safety features does the Legacy offer?

All Legacy models have Subaru’s EyeSight safety system. This system includes features like adaptive cruise control and pre-collision braking. There’s also a special system to help keep drivers from getting too distracted.

How is the interior quality and comfort in the Legacy?

The inside of the Legacy feels really nice, especially in the top Touring XT model. It has high-quality leather seats and soft materials everywhere. The front seats are roomy and you can move them in different ways. It also has lots of smart storage places.

What is the ownership experience and reliability like for the Legacy?

People who own a Legacy love how it drives and how quiet it is inside. They also trust its ability to go through all kinds of weather. Subaru is well known for making cars that last a long time, so Legacy owners feel very confident.
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