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toyota mobility vehicles NZ

As a journalist and professional copywriter, I am excited to delve into the world of Toyota Mobility Vehicles in New Zealand. Toyota is known for its commitment to providing affordable and accessible mobility solutions for all Kiwis. Whether you are in need of a reliable car or a spacious van, Toyota has a wide range of mobility vehicles to suit your needs.

Toyota’s mobility vehicles are designed with the latest safety technology, including their renowned Toyota Safety Sense system. This advanced safety technology is specifically developed to keep drivers safe on the road and prevent accidents. With Toyota Safety Sense, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected.

If you are in the market for a Toyota mobility vehicle, you can find them for sale at various Toyota mobility vehicle dealers throughout New Zealand. These dealers are dedicated to assisting customers in finding the perfect mobility vehicle that fits their lifestyle and requirements.

Toyota also offers a range of mobility solutions beyond just vehicles. They are committed to providing support and assistance to those in need through their mobility assistance programs. Whether you require modifications to your vehicle or additional assistance, Toyota is there to help.

Join me as we explore the world of Toyota Mobility Vehicles in New Zealand and discover how Toyota is shaping the future of mobility for all.

Toyota Mobility Project in Nelson

Toyota is committed to revolutionizing mobility for all New Zealanders through the Toyota Mobility Project. This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide affordable and accessible mobility options, starting with a pilot program in Nelson.

Through the Toyota Mobility Project, residents of Nelson can now avail themselves of convenient mobility services that are set to transform the way we get around. With the goal of expanding these services nationwide in the near future, Toyota is determined to make mobility more convenient and accessible for all.

The Toyota Mobility Project offers two flexible options for Nelson residents:

  1. Subscription Service: Customers can choose to subscribe to the Toyota Mobility Project and gain access to a fleet of vehicles. Prices for the subscription service start at $500, offering hours of access to a range of Toyota mobility vehicles, including the hybrid Toyota Raize.
  2. Pay-by-the-Hour Service: Alternatively, customers can opt for the pay-by-the-hour service, starting at $15. This option allows individuals to use a Toyota Raize on a short-term basis, paying only for the hours they use.

Both the subscription and pay-by-the-hour services come with additional benefits. For short trips, the cost of fuel is included in the price, providing a hassle-free experience. However, for longer journeys, customers will need to refuel the vehicle.

By introducing the Toyota Mobility Project in Nelson, Toyota is taking a step towards a future where mobility is more convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable for all New Zealanders.

Toyota Mobility Project Pricing

Service Vehicle Price
Subscription Service Hybrid Toyota Raize $500
Other Toyota Mobility Vehicles Contact for pricing
Pay-by-the-Hour Service Hybrid Toyota Raize $15 per hour
Other Toyota Mobility Vehicles Contact for pricing

Toyota’s Vision for Mobility

As Toyota New Zealand moves towards the future, they have embraced a new brand vision – “Let’s Go Places.” This bold vision encapsulates their transition from an automotive company to a mobility company, striving to create a future of mobility that is innovative, inclusive, and sustainable.

Under their brand vision, Toyota aims to provide mobility for all, ensuring that everyone has access to safe and affordable transportation options. Their commitment to sustainability is evident as they strive to become carbon neutral by 2050, reducing their environmental impact and promoting a greener future for New Zealand.

Toyota understands that affordability plays a crucial role in realizing their vision for mobility. They strive to offer vehicles and mobility solutions that are accessible to all, empowering individuals and communities to reach their destinations with ease.

One of the key pillars of Toyota’s vision is safety. By developing advanced safety technologies and incorporating them into their vehicles, Toyota prioritizes the well-being of their customers and road users. Their commitment to vehicle safety is unwavering, and they continuously innovate to make their vehicles the safest on the road.

To bring their vision to life, Toyota recognizes the importance of a seamless and interconnected transport ecosystem. They actively collaborate with various stakeholders to optimize transportation networks, reducing congestion, and enhancing the efficiency of mobility services.

“At Toyota, our vision for mobility goes beyond just vehicles. We are dedicated to creating an ecosystem of sustainable and inclusive mobility solutions that will shape the future of transportation.”

– Toyota New Zealand

With their Let’s Go Places narrative, Toyota is reaffirming their commitment to mobility that transforms lives and builds a better future. This vision permeates all Toyota stores nationwide and inspires new marketing campaigns that reflect their innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Vision Pillars Key Initiatives
Sustainability Commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050
Affordability Offering accessible and cost-effective mobility solutions
Vehicle Safety Developing advanced safety technologies to enhance driver and passenger safety
Transport Ecosystem Collaborating to optimize transportation networks and improve mobility services

Toyota Safety Sense and Road Safety

When it comes to road safety, Toyota is at the forefront with its innovative safety technology – Toyota Safety Sense. This comprehensive package of active safety systems is designed to protect drivers and help prevent accidents on the road. From advanced driver-assistance features to cutting-edge detection technologies, Toyota Safety Sense is an essential component in ensuring a safe driving experience.

Toyota Safety Sense includes a range of safety features that work together to keep drivers and passengers protected. These features utilize advanced sensors and cameras to monitor the road and surrounding environment, providing real-time information to help drivers make safer decisions. Some of the key safety technologies included in Toyota Safety Sense are:

  • Pre-Collision System (PCS)
  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
  • Automatic High Beams (AHB)
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

Through these advanced safety technologies, Toyota aims to prevent accidents and minimize the risk of harm. Whether it’s detecting potential collisions, alerting drivers of lane departures, or automatically adjusting headlights for optimal visibility, Toyota Safety Sense is constantly working to enhance road safety.

Toyota Road Safety Tips

In addition to providing cutting-edge safety technology, Toyota also strives to educate drivers on road safety. Here are some essential road safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always wear your seatbelt: Seatbelts save lives and should be worn by all occupants of the vehicle.
  2. Observe speed limits: Stick to the posted speed limits and adjust your speed based on road conditions.
  3. Avoid distractions: Keep your focus on the road and avoid distractions such as texting or using your mobile device while driving.
  4. Maintain a safe following distance: Leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front to allow for safe braking.
  5. Use your indicators: Signal your intentions and make sure that other road users are aware of your movements.
  6. Obey traffic laws: Follow all traffic laws and regulations to ensure a safe and smooth flow of traffic.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to other vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards on the road.
  8. Regularly maintain your vehicle: Keep your vehicle in good condition by performing regular maintenance checks, including tire pressure, brakes, and lights.

By following these road safety tips and making use of Toyota Safety Sense, you can help create a safer driving environment for yourself and others on the road.

Toyota’s commitment to road safety extends beyond its advanced safety technology and tips. They continually strive to improve their vehicle’s safety features to ensure the highest level of protection for drivers and passengers. Toyota’s dedication to safe driving and road safety makes them a trusted choice for anyone looking to drive safely and confidently.

Toyota Mobility Solutions for Disabilities

At Toyota, we are dedicated to providing mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities. We understand the importance of independence and the freedom to pursue dreams, and that’s why we offer a specialized service called IDrive. This unique program is designed to assist disabled individuals in driving and gaining the independence they desire.

With IDrive, we provide tailored solutions and support to enable disabled individuals to experience the joy of driving and the sense of empowerment it brings. We offer comprehensive training and adaptive driving equipment that can be modified to suit specific disabilities and individual needs. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience for all.

“At Toyota, we strive to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing them with the opportunity to drive and achieve newfound independence.”

Toyota IDrive Service

The Toyota IDrive service goes beyond just vehicle modifications. It encompasses a holistic approach to mobility assistance, providing comprehensive support and resources to disabled individuals. Through IDrive, we aim to empower individuals with disabilities to live life to the fullest.

As part of our commitment, Toyota has also raised funds to build the YES Disability Resource Centre. This center serves as a hub of support and resources for disabled individuals, offering information, training, and guidance in various aspects of life. From adaptive driving equipment to accessibility solutions, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all.

“We believe that mobility should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. Through IDrive and the YES Disability Resource Centre, we are making a positive impact in the lives of disabled individuals.”

Toyota Disabled Vehicle Modifications

We understand that each individual’s disability is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of vehicle modifications to cater to specific needs. From hand controls and wheelchair lifts to modified seating and controls, we work closely with disabled individuals and certified specialists to customize vehicles according to their requirements.

Toyota mobility solutions for disabilities

Vehicle Modification Description
Hand Controls Allow individuals with limited lower body mobility to control the vehicle using hand-operated devices.
Wheelchair Lifts Provide convenient access to the vehicle by lifting and stowing wheelchairs or mobility scooters.
Modified Seating Customize seating arrangements and positioning to accommodate various physical disabilities or conditions.
Controls Adaptation Adjust vehicle controls, such as steering knobs and pedal extensions, to suit specific physical needs.

We take great pride in our ability to transform vehicles into personalized mobility solutions that empower disabled individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Through our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Toyota continues to innovate and provide mobility assistance to those who need it most.

Toyota’s Commitment to Sustainability

In an effort to create a greener future, Toyota is dedicated to sustainability and reducing emissions in the transport sector of New Zealand. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility, the company has implemented various initiatives and set ambitious goals to contribute to a more sustainable world.

One of Toyota’s key strategies to lower emissions is through the promotion of hybrid vehicles. These vehicles combine a traditional gasoline engine with an electric motor, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Toyota has been at the forefront of hybrid technology for many years, consistently improving the efficiency and performance of their hybrid vehicles.

Additionally, Toyota actively explores alternative fuel sources to further reduce emissions. One notable project is their hydrogen initiative, which aims to harness the power of hydrogen fuel cells for cleaner and more sustainable transport. Through this project, Toyota is working towards a zero-emission future.

“At Toyota, we firmly believe that sustainable transport is essential to the well-being of our planet and future generations. We are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that promote sustainable mobility.”

To ensure transparency and accountability, Toyota publishes an annual Sustainability Report. This report outlines their sustainability goals and provides an overview of their progress and achievements in areas such as carbon reduction, waste management, and sustainable transport solutions. Through these reports, Toyota invites stakeholders to understand and participate in their sustainability efforts.

Toyota’s Sustainability Goals:

  1. Lowering tailpipe emissions through hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuel sources.
  2. Minimizing the company’s environmental impact through waste reduction and responsible resource management.
  3. Contributing to a sustainable transport ecosystem by partnering with initiatives like the Waka Aronui community project.
  4. Driving positive change for the environment and society through sustainable business practices.

Toyota’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products and extends to their operations and partnerships. By prioritizing sustainability, Toyota aims to lead the way in creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable future for generations to come.

The Future of Toyota Mobility

Toyota is at the forefront of transforming the future of mobility, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative concepts. Our commitment to enhancing safety, convenience, and sustainability drives us to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

One of the key areas we’re focusing on is the development of self-driving cars integrated with advanced AI technology. These autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize transportation by optimizing efficiency, minimizing accidents, and providing passengers with a seamless and intuitive driving experience.

“Self-driving cars with AI technology can significantly enhance safety, as they are designed to analyze road conditions, predict and react to potential hazards, and make real-time adjustments, ultimately reducing the likelihood of accidents.”

In addition to self-driving cars, Toyota is actively working on creating innovative mobility services that cater to diverse transportation needs. We’re constantly exploring new avenues, such as vehicle sharing programs, which allow people to access vehicles conveniently and economically, without the need for long-term ownership.

Toyota’s Advanced Safety Features

As a pioneer in automotive safety, we prioritize the development and implementation of advanced safety features across our vehicle lineup. These features utilize state-of-the-art technology to mitigate risks and protect passengers and pedestrians. Some of our notable safety innovations include:

  1. Pre-Collision System (PCS): This feature uses radar and cameras to detect potential collisions and automatically applies the brakes to prevent or mitigate the impact.
  2. Lane Departure Alert (LDA): LDA helps drivers stay in their lane by detecting lane markings and providing visual and audible warnings if the vehicle starts to drift.
  3. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC): DRCC uses radar technology to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and adjusts the vehicle’s speed accordingly.
  4. Automatic High Beams (AHB): AHB automatically switches between high and low beams based on the surrounding traffic, ensuring optimal visibility without causing inconvenience to other drivers.

These advanced safety features are designed to provide peace of mind and enhance overall driving safety, making every journey a safer and more enjoyable experience for our customers.

Toyota Future Mobility

With our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centric mobility solutions, Toyota is shaping the future of transportation. We’re dedicated to creating a world where mobility is not only sustainable and safe but also accessible to all.


In conclusion, Toyota’s commitment to mobility in New Zealand is unwavering. They have proven their dedication through a comprehensive range of mobility vehicles, safety initiatives, and sustainability efforts. Toyota strives to provide accessible and affordable mobility solutions for all Kiwis, including individuals with disabilities. They prioritize road safety while working towards creating a sustainable transport ecosystem.

With their innovative technologies and forward-thinking approach, Toyota is shaping the future of mobility in New Zealand. Their vision for the future includes self-driving cars, AI technology, and advanced safety features. They are constantly pushing the boundaries to develop innovative mobility services and enhance shared vehicle experiences. Toyota’s focus on affordability, safety, and sustainability not only benefits their customers but also contributes to a more inclusive and environmentally friendly transportation landscape.

In summary, Toyota’s mobility solutions encompass a holistic approach that encompasses safety, accessibility, and sustainability. By prioritizing road safety, offering mobility options for individuals with disabilities, and striving for a carbon-neutral future, Toyota is making a positive impact on the lives of New Zealanders. With their continued commitment to innovation and their vision for a better mobility future, Toyota is set to revolutionize the way we drive and travel.


What types of mobility vehicles does Toyota offer in New Zealand?

Toyota offers a range of mobility vehicles in New Zealand, including cars and vans.

Where can I find Toyota mobility vehicle dealers in New Zealand?

Toyota mobility vehicle dealers are located throughout New Zealand.

How much do Toyota mobility vehicles cost?

The price of Toyota mobility vehicles may vary. It is best to check with your local Toyota mobility vehicle dealer for pricing information.

What is the Toyota Mobility Project in Nelson?

The Toyota Mobility Project in Nelson is a trial project that aims to test mobility services in Nelson, with the goal of rolling them out nationwide.

How can I access Toyota mobility vehicles through the Toyota Mobility Project in Nelson?

Customers in Nelson can access a fleet of Toyota mobility vehicles through a subscription or pay by the hour service.

How much does the subscription service for Toyota mobility vehicles in Nelson cost?

Prices for the subscription service start at $500, which provides hours of access to a hybrid Toyota Raize.

Can I pay by the hour for Toyota mobility vehicles in Nelson?

Yes, customers in Nelson can pay by the hour for Toyota mobility vehicles, starting at $15 for a hybrid Toyota Raize.

Is fuel included in the price of Toyota mobility vehicles in Nelson?

Fuel is included in the price for short trips, but longer trips may require customers to refuel the vehicle.

What is Toyota’s brand vision for mobility?

Toyota’s brand vision for mobility is called “Let’s Go Places,” which reflects their transition into a mobility company.

What is Toyota’s goal for sustainability?

Toyota is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and aims to create a sustainable transport ecosystem.

What is Toyota Safety Sense?

Toyota Safety Sense is a package of active safety systems designed to help keep drivers safe on the road.

Does Toyota offer mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Toyota offers a service called IDrive, which is designed to help disabled people drive and gain independence.

What is Toyota’s commitment to sustainability?

Toyota is dedicated to reducing emissions and has set the goal of lowering tailpipe emissions. They actively promote the use of hybrid electric vehicles and explore alternative fuel sources like hydrogen.

Is Toyota developing self-driving cars?

Yes, Toyota is actively exploring self-driving cars with AI technology to enhance safety and offer intuitive driving experiences.

How is Toyota shaping the future of mobility in New Zealand?

Toyota is embracing new technologies and concepts to develop innovative mobility services and advance vehicle sharing options.

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