Daihatsu Mira NZ – The Ultimate Guide for Kiwi Drivers

daihatsu mira nz

Are you looking for a small, fuel-saving, and affordable car in New Zealand? The Daihatsu Mira is your best pick. It’s a small car from Japan that many Kiwi drivers love. It’s great for city life and saves you money.

Key Takeaways

  • The Daihatsu Mira, also known as the Cuore and Charade, is very popular in New Zealand. It’s loved for being small, saving fuel, and not costing a lot.
  • This little city car is perfect for driving in small city spaces and finding parking easily.
  • Kiwi drivers have many Daihatsu Mira choices, including used ones that cost less but work great.
  • It is known for working well and being cheap to own, making it a good choice for those watching their budget.
  • This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Mira’s history, what it offers, different models, how it drives, and taking care of it.

Introduction to the Daihatsu Mira

The Daihatsu Mira is a small car loved by many in New Zealand. It’s known as the Cuore and Charade, too. Since the 1980s, it’s won hearts with its compact size and efficient use of fuel.

History and Background of the Daihatsu Mira

This car first showed up in 1980. People noticed it immediately for being small and affordable. Since then, it’s changed looks but stayed true to being simple and good on gas. The Mira has matched city life perfectly over the years.

Popularity of the Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Mira is perfect for city living. It’s known for moving well, saving fuel, and being dependable. People there find it very useful for getting around towns and handling parking easily.

The Mira’s great features, like its mpg and easy handling, have made it a hit. People and experts both say good things about it. Though a few problems, like rust or issues with the clutch, can pop up, they’re not too hard to deal with thanks to good care and available parts.

daihatsu mira nz

In New Zealand, you can find the Daihatsu Mira. It’s known as the Daihatsu Cuore and Daihatsu Charade in other places. It comes in different versions and engine choices. So, there’s a Daihatsu Mira that fits every Kiwi driver’s style.

Many smart people in New Zealand choose used Daihatsu Miras. They like them because they’re affordable and last long. These cars are known for being reliable and cost little to own. They are a great choice for anyone wanting a good deal.

The Daihatsu Mira’s small size is perfect for city driving and small parking spaces. Its ability to move easily is really helpful.

daihatsu mira nz

Whether you’re driving in busy cities like Auckland or enjoying the views in the countryside, the Daihatsu Mira fits the bill for New Zealand drivers.

Model Engine Fuel Economy
Daihatsu Mira L 660cc 5.2L/100km
Daihatsu Mira S 1.0L 6.1L/100km
Daihatsu Mira X 1.0L Turbo 6.5L/100km

The table shows that the Daihatsu Mira models are very fuel-efficient. There’s something for everyone, depending on your style and budget. This means there’s sure to be a good match for every Kiwi driver.

Key Features of the Daihatsu Mira

The Daihatsu Mira is perfect for city life. It’s small, just 3.3 to 3.5 meters long, making it easy to move in small places. It can park and travel through busy city streets very well.

Compact Size and Maneuverability

The daihatsu mira is ideal for driving in the city. It’s small size means you can park it anywhere. Its agility is a big plus over bigger cars.

Fuel Efficiency and Engine Specifications

The Mira doesn’t use much fuel, which is great for your wallet. It has engines from 660cc to 1.0L. This gives you good gas mileage and enough power for daily use.

The Mira has different engine sizes for your specific needs. You can choose from a 660cc engine to a 1.0L engine.

Engine Size Displacement Max Power Max Torque
550cc 547cc 33 PS 45 Nm
660cc 659cc 39 PS 54 Nm
847cc 847cc 50 PS 68 Nm
1000cc 989cc 58 PS 78 Nm

If you want to save fuel or need more power, the Daihatsu Mira has the right engine for you. This makes it great for daihatsu mira nz drivers.

Daihatsu Mira Models Available in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the daihatsu mira nz series is loved by many. There are different models to fit various needs and budgets in the daihatsu mira new zealand marketplace.

The L model is great for those who want a simple, affordable car. It doesn’t have all the extra features. But it will take you places for a good price. The S model, however, comes with cool features like air conditioning and power windows. This makes your drives a bit more comfy.

Model Key Features
L Base model, basic features, affordability
S Air conditioning, power windows, upgraded interior
X Sporty styling, alloy wheels, premium audio system

Feel like adding some fun to your drive? The X model might be just what you need. It has a sporty look, alloy wheels, and a top-quality audio system. The X gives the daihatsu cuore nz and daihatsu charade nz range extra appeal.

The daihatsu mira nz has cars for every budget and style.

Every Daihatsu Mira model is known for being practical, affordable, and reliable. These qualities have made them favorites in New Zealand for years.

daihatsu mira nz models

Driving and Handling the Daihatsu Mira in NZ

The daihatsu mira nz loves New Zealand’s busy streets. This small car is great for the city. It’s perfect for anyone needing a city car they can trust.

City Driving and Parking

The daihatsu mira nz is great at city driving and parking. It’s small and easy to turn. This makes moving through city streets and parking in tight spaces simple. You can park in places bigger cars can’t.

With the daihatsu mira specs, you can handle any city. It’s light and easy to steer. This makes driving fun and not scary, even in busy city traffic.

Highway Performance and Stability

The Mira is not as good on the open highway. It might find it hard to go fast with lots of people or things. But, it feels safe and comfy.

Its light build and good suspension mean you stay comfy at highway speeds. Many Daihatsu mira reviews like how it handles long trips. It gives a smooth and stable ride for everyone inside.

It’s not the best for long trips all the time. But it’s fine for the occasional long drive. It’s good on gas and offers a comfy ride.

Daihatsu Mira Maintenance and Ownership Costs

Owning a Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand is a smart choice. It’s affordable and practical for many. These compact vehicles cost less to maintain than bigger cars. This makes them great for those watching their budget.

Common Daihatsu Mira Problems and Solutions

The Daihatsu Mira is usually reliable, but has some issues, especially with older models. Rust formation is a big problem, especially in places with lots of salt or humidity. You can help by regularly rust-proofing your car and fixing any rust you find soon. Problems with the clutch and transmission may also happen. But, fixing or replacing these parts can usually solve the problem.

Spare Parts and Service Availability in NZ

Fortunately, daihatsu mira parts nz are easy to find at Daihatsu dealerships and independent shops all over New Zealand. This means owners can get real parts and good service easily. Plus, there are active daihatsu mira owners club nz groups that offer advice and support.

To keep your Daihatsu Mira in great shape, follow the maintenance schedule closely. This means fixing any issues quickly. Owners who are proactive can have a reliable and affordable car for a long time.

Daihatsu Mira Reviews and Testimonials

As a proud Daihatsu Mira owner, I can say many good things. This little car is loved in New Zealand. It’s cheap, reliable, and great for the city.

Owner Experiences and Feedback

The Mira is great for parking and costs little to run. Many in the daihatsu mira owners club nz love it too. They say it’s easy to drive and doesn’t need much upkeep.

Sarah from Auckland says the Mira is perfect for the city. It fits in small spots and saves on gas money.

Expert Reviews and Ratings

Experts praise the Mira for being a good value. They know it’s not the strongest on the highway. But, they like that it saves gas and is easy to drive in the city.

  • Car and Driver: “The Daihatsu Mira shines as an affordable and practical city car, excelling in tight spaces and delivering impressive fuel economy.”
  • Autocar: “For budget-conscious buyers seeking a reliable and easy-to-park urban runabout, the Mira ticks all the right boxes.”

The Daihatsu Mira is well-liked by many. Both owners and experts agree, it’s a top pick for city living in New Zealand.

Buying a Used Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand

If you’re thinking about buying a daihatsu mira used cars in New Zealand, be careful. These small cars can be a good and cheap option. But, you must check them well before you buy.

Tips for Inspecting and Evaluating Used Miras

When looking at a daihatsu mira nz, watch for these things:

  • Rust: Look the car over for rust, especially underneath, as older cars can have this issue.
  • Leaks: Find out if it’s leaking oil, coolant, or transmission fluid, which might mean it has some problems.
  • Service history: Get the records of how it was serviced to make sure it was taken care of.
  • Test drive: Drive it yourself to see if it runs well and if you like how it feels.

Having a mechanic check the car before you buy can also help spot hidden problems. This is very important.

Where to Find Used Daihatsu Miras for Sale

You can find daihatsu mira used cars in New Zealand in a few ways:

  1. Online classifieds: Visit places like Trade Me and Facebook Marketplace to see individual sales.
  2. Dealerships specializing in Japanese imports: These places often sell used Daihatsu Miras.
  3. Local auctions: Going to auctions can help you find a good deal on a well-maintained car.

No matter where you get your used Daihatsu Mira, it’s key to do lots of research and a thorough check. This ensures it fits your needs and is in good condition.

Inspection Checklist Potential Issues Recommended Actions
Rust Structural integrity, safety concerns Thorough inspection, consider rust repair costs
Leaks Engine, transmission, or fluid system problems Identify the cause, estimate repair costs
Service History Lack of maintenance, potential hidden issues Request complete records, consider vehicle history report
Test Drive Performance, handling, and overall condition Comprehensive evaluation under various driving conditions


If you’re a Kiwi driver looking for a city car, consider the Daihatsu Mira. It started in 1980 and kept its place. It’s known to be good on gas and dependable for city drives. The Daihatsu Mira New Zealand cars have gotten better over the years. They focus on using less fuel and being good for the planet.

The Mira isn’t about big engines or fancy parts. Instead, it’s great for city life. It’s small, so it’s easy to drive and park in tight spaces. Plus, the Daihatsu Mira owners club NZ is there for those who love this car. They help each other out and share stories.

The Daihatsu Mira keeps getting more eco-friendly. Soon, you’ll see electric and hybrid Miras. This is part of a big worldwide move. SBT Tanzania and SBT Japan have helped get the Mira out to more people. So, if you want a car that’s good for the city and your wallet, look at the Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand.


What are the common issues with the Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand?

Rust can form on older Daihatsu Miras in New Zealand. They may also experience clutch or transmission troubles now and then. But, doing regular maintenance and taking care can help lessen these problems.

Is it easy to find spare parts and service for the Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand?

You can get parts and service for the Daihatsu Mira at various places in New Zealand. Daihatsu dealerships and private mechanics offer help. Also, there are clubs for Daihatsu Mira owners. They offer advice and support.

How do expert reviews rate the Daihatsu Mira?

Experts like the Daihatsu Mira for its good value, low fuel use, and easy handling. But they point out it’s not very powerful and may not be the best on highways.

Where can I find used Daihatsu Miras for sale in New Zealand?

You can find used Daihatsu Miras in New Zealand in classified ads, Japanese car dealerships, and auctions. These are popular spots to look.

What should I look for when inspecting a used Daihatsu Mira?

Look out for rust, leaks, or any problems in a used Daihatsu Mira. It’s also wise to check the car’s past services. A professional check before buying can uncover hidden issues.

Are there any active owners clubs for the Daihatsu Mira in New Zealand?

Yes, in New Zealand, there are clubs for Daihatsu Mira owners. They are a helpful community, offering advice and support to fellow Mira owners.
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