Best Brand of Car up to 2024 MAY In New Zealand – My Picks

best brand of car upto 2024 MAY In NZ

Are you having a hard time choosing from the many car brands for your 2024 road trip in New Zealand? It’s tough with so many options. This guide will help you find the best brand of car for your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways

  • When picking a car brand for your 2024 New Zealand road trip, remember things like reliability, fuel economy, going electric, cost, and safety.
  • Big names in cars, like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG, have a wide variety of future car models and new vehicle releases for everyone’s taste.
  • Check out the reliable cars, fuel-efficient vehicles, electric cars, affordable cars, luxury car brands, and car safety ratings.

If you’re headed to New Zealand’s stunning spots in 2024, choosing the right car brand is key. It ensures your road trip is smooth and fun. This piece looks at the top car brands in New Zealand up to 2024. We consider reliability, fuel efficiency, electric options, affordability, and safety ratings.


Heading out on a road trip across New Zealand is a big step. It’s vital to pick the right car brand for your journey. With many choices out there, it’s key to choose wisely, based on what you need and like.

Importance of Choosing the Right Car Brand

The car brand you go for can really change your trip in New Zealand. If you pick a reliable and fuel-efficient brand, your journey will likely be smooth and fun. But, choosing a not-so-great car brand could bring trouble, ruining your time on the road.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Brand

For your 2024 road trip in New Zealand, you must think about several factors:

  • Reliability: Look for a brand that’s known to make cars that last long and don’t break down often.
  • Fuel efficiency: Choosing a brand with cars that guzzle less gas or are electric can save you money and help the planet.
  • Affordability: Find a brand with good, affordable cars to save money without sacrificing quality.
  • Safety ratings: Focus on brands with top safety scores and smart safety features to keep you safe on your trip.
  • Luxury car brands: If luxury is what you want, consider brands that offer high-end cars with impressive features.

Weighing these factors carefully will help you choose the top car brand up to 2024 MAY In NZ. This way, you’ll make sure your road trip is just how you dreamed. Start planning now for a trip to remember!

Top Car Brands in New Zealand for 2024

Getting the right car brand is key for my upcoming New Zealand road trip in 2024. After looking into it, I find that Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG are the best choices.


Toyota is famous for making reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. It tops the list in New Zealand. Toyota is coming out with new future car models just for Kiwis, showing their dedication.


Mitsubishi is a great pick for those who want eco-friendly driving. They are known for their hybrid and electric options. So, they meet the need for greener ways to get around.


MG is a newer choice but is becoming quite popular in New Zealand. It stands out for its cost-effective yet rich in features cars. MG is all about providing value, and their next cars will surely be a mix of great style, performance, and use.

I can’t wait to check out what’s new from these top brands. Looking into the future car models and new vehicle releases is making me more excited for my road trip. I aim to pick the perfect car for the best journey.

Future Car Models and Releases

In 2024, New Zealand will welcome lots of new cars for drivers who care about the planet. People are especially excited about cars like the Toyota Prius Prime, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV, and MG HS PHEV.

Toyota Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime is special because it’s a plug-in hybrid. It’s known for being reliable and it has the latest technology. This car is perfect for those who want to save on gas and help the environment.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross PHEV is a mix of an SUV and a plug-in car. It can drive 55km on electric power and has all-wheel drive. It’s great for being eco-friendly while also being practical.


The MG HS PHEV is ideal for families looking for a big, affordable car. It can go 63km on electric power and has lots of space inside. This makes it a top choice for the new car options.

Model Price Drop New Price
BYD Atto 3 Extended -6.7% $55,990
BYD Dolphin -2.1% $46,990
Citroen e-C4 -10.6% $58,990
Cupra Born V+ -20% $59,900
Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD -16.6% $87,600
GWM Ora GT -8.5% $53,990
Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 Sedan -10.8% $195,000
Peugeot e-208 -12.3% $49,990

The table shows the latest price drops for EVs in New Zealand, updated in May 2024. It lists the prices for many electric car models.

New models for car buyers in New Zealand include:

  • Nissan Ariya Advance, Evolve, and Engage
  • Mini Countryman E and SE
  • Cadillac Lyriq
  • Volvo EX90
  • Various Kia EV models like the EV5 Earth, GT-Line, and Light
  • Cupra Born VZ and Tavascan VZ
  • Mini Aceman E and SE
  • Peugeot e-3008
  • Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Note: Prices marked with ~ are estimates, and dates are approximations for the earliest probable quarter.

Reliable Cars for 2024

Toyota stands out for reliable cars 2024. The brand is known for its top-notch engineering and focus on detail. This dedication has seen Toyota excel in dependability tests and customer satisfaction. These qualities make it a solid choice for my upcoming New Zealand road trip. It’s no wonder Toyota is seen as one of the top car brands in New Zealand.

Mitsubishi and MG are also climbing in the reliability charts. Mitsubishi shines in quality and durability, especially its SUVs and pickups. On the other hand, MG is surprising folks with budget-friendly yet long-lasting models.

For my New Zealand adventure, picking a reliable car is key. I can’t afford delays due to a vehicle issue. So, it must be a reliable model from a trusted brand.

I’m researching the top brands’ reliability for my journey. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Toyota is always at the top in J.D. Power’s Dependability study, showing its lasting quality.
  • Mitsubishi, with vehicles like the Outlander and Triton, is lauded for reliability and low upkeep.
  • MG impresses despite being new, with strong build quality and few problems.

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

With fuel costs rising and the earth’s health a top concern, fuel-efficient vehicles snag lots of attention. Looking for hybrid cars, electric cars 2024, or efficient gas options? Names like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG have you covered.

Hybrid and Electric Car Options

For those wanting greener rides, hybrid cars and electric cars 2024 stand out. Toyota leads with its famous Prius line. Mitsubishi and MG also offer plug-in hybrids that use both gas and electricity. These cars, like those in New Zealand, save fuel and help the planet.

Gasoline-Powered Fuel Sippers

If you like gas cars, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG still have efficient choices. They have tech and lightweight parts that make gasoline-powered fuel sippers. These cars are fuel-frugal but still fun to drive and cozy.

Model Fuel Economy EV Range (PHEV) Starting Price (2023)
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV 55km $52,990
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 84km $62,990
Kia Sorento Hybrid 2WD EX PHEV 1L/100km 57km $79,990
Ford Escape PHEV 1.6L/100km 56km $68,990
MG HS PHEV 63km $50,990

Looking for a ride that saves fuel or money? Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG have eco and budget-friendly cars. Find your ideal vehicle for a 2024 adventure in New Zealand.

Electric Cars in 2024

In 2024, New Zealand’s electric vehicle (EV) market is set to bloom, with big names like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG at the forefront. They will launch a variety of electric cars. These cars will meet different consumer needs, from small city cars to big SUVs.

Range and Charging Infrastructure

The range and the places to charge electric cars in 2024 are big deal breakers for buyers. Luckily, better batteries will power cars for longer distances, easing worries about running out of power. And the government is putting more effort into charging spots all over the country. This means it will be easier for EV drivers to charge up, keeping them on the move.

Electric cars 2024

Incentives and Rebates

Are you wondering about the upfront cost of electric cars? The government has some sweet deals for you. These incentives and rebates are meant to lower the cost of EVs. This helps everyone jump into a greener way of getting around. This plan will particularly help brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG sell more electric rides.

Brand Model Range (km) Price (NZD)
Toyota bZ4X 500 79,990
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 55 (EV) / 700 (Total) 59,990
MG Marvel R 370 55,990

To choose right in the 2024 electric car market, look at things like range, where you can charge, and the deals you can get. This helps you drive towards your green dreams wisely.

Affordable Car Brands

Exploring New Zealand’s stunning scenery calls for an affordable car. This needn’t be hard with Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG. They provide cars that fit different budgets and tastes.

Budget-Friendly Options

Toyota is well-known for its reliable, yet affordable cars. Its Yaris and Corolla models are budget-savvy and dependable, perfect for those watching their wallet. Mitsubishi shines with its budget-friendly, fuel-saving cars like the Mirage and Outlander Sport.

MG is a newcomer with a big impact in New Zealand. It brings value and quality with cars like the MG3 and MG ZS EV. These cars offer a lot without costing a fortune.

Cost of Ownership Considerations

Buying a car is just the start; owning it can cost a lot too. Think about the car’s upkeep, fuel use, and how well it holds its value.

  • Toyota and Mitsubishi make cars that are affordable to keep running. They’re also easy to fix with parts that aren’t too pricey.
  • MG might be new, but it’s building a strong service network. This means you can find affordable help when needed.
  • In saving fuel, these brands really stand out. Their models do a great job using less gas or going pure electric. This means more money stays in your pocket from gas savings.

Toyota and Mitsubishi’s cars hold their value well, making the initial cost worth it. MG’s reputation is also growing for quality cars, hinting at good future resale value.

By looking at costs, upkeep, fuel use, and resale value, you’ll find a car that fits your 2024 New Zealand adventure and budget.

Luxury Car Brands

Exploring New Zealand in 2024 shouldn’t mean a dull drive. Top car brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG are adding luxury models. These options bring style and comfort to your travel, surprising many with their features.

Toyota has released the elegant Avalon Luxury. This sedan merges top tech with lavish features. With comfy leather seats and a high-tech system, driving in New Zealand will be a feast for the senses.

Car enthusiast or not, Toyota’s luxury line, especially the Avalon, stands out. It shows Toyota’s aim to provide luxury without forgetting its roots.

Mitsubishi has upped its game with the Outlander Luxury PHEV. It’s a plug-in hybrid with great mileage and a luxurious interior. This model is perfect for eco-friend and luxurious trips around New Zealand.

MG’s Luxury HS PHEV is an affordable, elegant SUV. It catches eyes with its design and comfort. This SUV is a great choice for a comfy and stylish New Zealand drive.

Brand Model Type Luxury Features
Toyota Avalon Luxury Sedan Leather seating, advanced infotainment system, premium audio
Mitsubishi Outlander Luxury PHEV SUV Upscale interior materials, advanced driver assistance systems
MG HS Luxury PHEV SUV Sleek exterior design, spacious cabin, premium amenities

While luxury cars aren’t for everyone, these top car brands in New Zealand offer budget-friendly luxury. For your 2024 New Zealand trip, consider these models. They mix style, comfort, and tech for a memorable drive.

Car Safety Ratings and Features

Prioritizing safety on a New Zealand road trip is crucial. Well-known brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG excel in vehicle safety. They’re focused on making your road experience safer.

Crash Test Performance

Crash tests give insights into safety during accidents. Toyota often scores high in tests by the IIHS and NHTSA. Vehicles like the Toyota Camry and RAV4 show reliable safety in various crashes.

Mitsubishi and MG are also safety leaders. The Mitsubishi Outlander and MG HS perform well in crash tests. This shows their safety features are top-notch.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

New cars come with advanced safety features. For example, Toyota’s Safety Sense offers pre-collision braking and more. These features can prevent accidents, increasing your peace of mind.

Mitsubishi focuses on protecting against crashes too. Their technologies include blind spot warnings. MG vehicles also offer safety, with systems like lane keep assist for New Zealand’s varied roads.

Brand Crash Test Ratings Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Toyota Top safety ratings from IIHS and NHTSA Toyota Safety Sense (pre-collision braking, lane departure alert, automatic high beams)
Mitsubishi Favorable crash test ratings Blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert
MG Competitive crash test performance Lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control

Knowing about crash tests and safety technology helps you pick a safe vehicle. This choice is essential for your 2024 New Zealand trip’s safety.

best brand of car upto 2024 MAY In NZ

After looking at reliability, fuel efficiency, electric options, affordability, and safety ratings, I believe Toyota is the best brand of car upto 2024 MAY In NZ. Toyota’s cars are very reliable and safe. They also offer good fuel economy. These qualities make them great for a road trip.

Toyota stands out among others like Mitsubishi and MG. Their cars meet many needs, which is why they are number one.

Toyota makes reliable cars 2024 that are perfect for adventures in New Zealand. Their quality makes traveling easy and fun.

When it comes to saving on fuel, Toyota has great options. Their hybrid and electric cars 2024, including models like the Prius Prime, are both eco-friendly and efficient. For those preferring regular cars, Toyota’s are also quite fuel-efficient. This saves you money on trips.

  1. Toyota is a great choice for those looking for an affordable car. They are budget-friendly and have low cost of ownership.
  2. For a bit of luxury, Toyota’s high-end models offer comfort and quality. Even though they aren’t known for luxury, they have many upscale features.

Toyota makes sure their cars are very safe. They do well in crash tests and have modern safety tech. This gives peace of mind while driving.

best brand of car upto 2024 MAY In NZ

Even though Mitsubishi and MG bring unique features to the table, Toyota’s mix of reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety rank it as the top car brand in New Zealand. It’s the best choice for your 2024 road trip.


Exploring the top car brands in New Zealand for 2024 has been enlightening. You’ve looked into upcoming models from leaders like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG. I hope this helps you pick the perfect brand for your road trip.

We focused on important things like reliability, gas mileage, green options, cost, and safety. Understanding these areas will help you find the brand that suits you best. Whether you want something cheap, eco-friendly, or luxury, our guide is here for you.

In 2024, New Zealand’s car world will be buzzing with new models and releases. Armed with this knowledge, you can set off on your adventure without worry. You’ve chosen wisely from the best car brands, ready for an unforgettable trip.


What are the top car brands in New Zealand for 2024?

In 2024, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG lead the car brands in New Zealand. Toyota is known for its reliable, fuel-efficient cars. Mitsubishi offers hybrid and electric vehicles. MG is new but has affordable cars with great features.

What are some highly anticipated future car models and releases for 2024 in New Zealand?

Toyota Prius Prime, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV, and MG HS PHEV are awaited in 2024. The Prius Prime is a PHEV with good battery power and features. The Eclipse Cross PHEV is an SUV with electric and four-wheel drive. MG HS PHEV has a large electric range and plenty of room for families.

Which car brands are known for their reliability in New Zealand?

Toyota is famous for its dependable cars in New Zealand. Mitsubishi and MG are also gaining trust with their reliable models.

What hybrid and electric car options are available from these brands?

Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG have a range of hybrids and electrics. The article points out the growing number of these cars and the infrastructure needed, plus any government support available.

Which car brands offer affordable and budget-friendly options in New Zealand?

Brands including Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG are known for affordable options. It’s important to think about maintenance, fuel use, and resale value when picking a car.

Do these brands offer luxury car options?

Toyota, Mitsubishi, and MG have started offering luxury touches in some models. This is for those looking for a bit of luxury on their 2024 New Zealand journey.

How important are safety ratings and features when choosing a car for a road trip in New Zealand?

Safety is crucial for your 2024 New Zealand travel. The article looks at each brand’s safety record and the technology they offer, like warnings and automatic braking.
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