Mitsubishi Galant NZ: Comprehensive Guide & Review

Mitsubishi Galant NZ

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ stands out as a reliable and affordable car. It perfectly blends practicality with performance. Whether I’m driving in busy city streets or on long highways, it always gives a smooth ride.

The Galant’s engine is fuel-efficient, ranging between 2.0 to 2.4 litres. This means you get power without spending too much on fuel. It’s great for people who love driving but also watch their budget.

It also has a lot of space for people and their stuff. The sedan shape and big inside means up to five people can fit comfortably. So, whether you’re going on a trip with friends or with family, the Galant is perfect.

I love the Galant’s stylish look. Its design is modern and catches the eye. Every detail, from curves to lines, shows quality.

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ has met all my expectations. It balances reliability, cost, and style well. If you’re looking for a new car, consider the Galant. I believe you’ll be very happy with it!

Key Takeaways

  • The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a reliable and affordable mid-sized sedan in New Zealand.
  • It offers a smooth and comfortable ride, making it suitable for both city and highway driving.
  • The Galant’s fuel-efficient engine provides an excellent balance between performance and economy.
  • With its sedan body type and spacious interior, the Galant offers ample space for passengers and cargo.
  • Its sleek design and attention to detail make the Galant a stylish choice for any driver.

Introduction to the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a reliable and affordable mid-sized sedan. It is popular among New Zealand drivers. With its smooth ride, it’s great for city and highway use.

The Galant balances performance with economy. Its engines range from 2.0 to 2.4 liters. This makes it fuel-efficient.

Drivers in New Zealand find the Galant both reliable and affordable. It’s a great choice for those needing a dependable car. Plus, it’s comfortable and performs well.

The Galant’s design is both sleek and versatile. It meets various driving needs excellently.

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ makes every drive enjoyable, whether it’s a city commute or a family road trip. It has a spacious interior. This ensures a pleasant ride for all passengers.

I am always impressed by the Mitsubishi Galant NZ’s reliability, affordability, and smooth ride. It truly offers exceptional value for its price.

The Galant has various engines to choose from. This means drivers can pick what suits them best. Its fuel efficiency is a bonus, saving money on all trips. Driving the Galant is a joy, thanks to its smooth acceleration and responsive handling.

Why Choose the Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

  • Reliability: The Galant is known for its dependability and longevity, providing peace of mind to owners.
  • Affordability: With its competitive pricing, the Galant offers an excellent value proposition in the mid-sized sedan segment.
  • Comfortable Ride: The Galant’s well-designed suspension system enables a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
  • Spacious Interior: The Galant’s interior offers ample space for both passengers and cargo, making it a practical option for families.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The Galant’s fuel-efficient engines help reduce fuel consumption, saving you money at the pump.
  • Stylish Design: With its sleek and modern design, the Galant stands out on the road and exudes a sense of sophistication.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a top choice for drivers. It is reliable, affordable, and stylish. It offers comfort, great fuel efficiency, and useful features. Its engine options and design make it popular in New Zealand.

Mitsubishi Galant NZ Specs

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a sleek, reliable mid-sized sedan. It has impressive specs for New Zealand drivers. Let’s look at the key features that make the Galant a top pick:

Body Type and Passenger Capacity

The Galant is a sedan with four doors. It has a spacious interior for up to five people. This makes it great for families or anyone needing extra space.


The Galant is well-sized, balancing maneuverability and practical use. It is 4630 mm long, 1740 mm wide, and 1425 mm high. This gives it a sleek look and plenty of room inside.

Wheelbase and Stability

Its wheelbase is 2635 mm. This helps with stable, smooth driving. A longer wheelbase means better weight distribution and stability at high speeds or on rough roads.

Curb Weight

The Galant weighs 1260 kg. This makes it both agile and solid. You get a responsive, enjoyable drive and a stable ride.

Mitsubishi Galant NZ

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ promises a comfy and nimble drive. Its roomy inside, good size, and stable base make it great for New Zealand’s roads.

Performance of the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ shines with its powerful 4-cylinder engine performance. It boasts a max power of 100 kW and torque of 178 Nm. This engine setup gives a mix of power and efficiency on the road.

The car tops at a speed of 210 km/h. This lets drivers enjoy fast and smooth rides everywhere.

The Galant is great for daily use or long trips. Its quick acceleration and sharp handling offer a reliable drive. Drivers always feel in control behind the wheel.

“The Mitsubishi Galant NZ offers an exemplary performance, combining power, speed, and agility. It’s a pleasure to drive, allowing for a seamless driving experience.” – TestDriverNZ

Efficiency without Compromise

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is also fuel-efficient. This sedan perfectly mixes power with economy. Drivers get a lively drive without high fuel costs.

Its fuel-efficient engine lowers emissions and fuel expenses. This makes the Galant a smart pick for eco-conscious drivers.


Enhancing Performance with Genuine Parts

Enhancing the Galant’s performance is easy with genuine parts. Options include improved exhaust systems, better suspension, and engine tunes. Genuine parts keep the Galant running smoothly and reliably.

Available Parts for the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

In New Zealand, many places sell parts for the Mitsubishi Galant. You can visit local dealerships, check online, or go to auto stores. They have both original and aftermarket items like engine parts, body kits, and more. Always check if the part fits your Galant model before buying.

Category Available Parts
Mitsubishi Galant Engine Parts Pistons, cylinder heads, timing belts, oil filters, spark plugs
Mitsubishi Galant Exterior Accessories Body kits, spoilers, side skirts, headlights, taillights
Mitsubishi Galant Interior Accessories Floor mats, seat covers, steering wheel covers, dashboard trims
Mitsubishi Galant Suspension Parts Struts, shocks, control arms, sway bars, bushings
Mitsubishi Galant Electrical Components Starters, alternators, batteries, ignition coils, sensors

Looking to make your Galant better or more you? Plenty of options exist. Dealerships have official parts perfect for your car. Online sites and stores also offer many aftermarket parts and styles. Finding what you need for your Galant is easy.

When buying parts, checking they fit your Galant is crucial. Different years and versions of the Galant might need other parts. Talk to experts or look in your car’s manual to make sure. This ensures your Galant works its best.

Mitsubishi Galant Parts and Accessories

Quality parts can boost your Galant’s power, look, and function. It doesn’t matter if you like doing things yourself or prefer help. New Zealand has lots of choices for you. Upgrade your Galant and make it stand out your way.

Modifications for the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

Customizing your Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a fun way to make it truly yours. It lets your car shine and feel special. There are many mods out there to improve your ride or look.

For better performance, you have good choices to explore. Adding a new exhaust system boosts airflow and gives a cool sound. Tweaking the suspension can make your car handle better and feel sportier. And tuning the engine can up its power.

If looks are your thing, you can make your Galant awesome. Body kits make it look meaner and sleek. Spoilers add a fast vibe. And with custom paint, you can have any color you dream of.

Always talk to experts before making changes. They know what works best for your Galant. This way, you get the best results.

For those who like things ready to go, there are kits. These aftermarket options bundle several mods together. They come with how-to guides, saving you time and effort.

Modding your Mitsubishi Galant NZ is about what you want and can afford. Whether for speed, style, or both, there’s lots to choose from. Go make your Galant dream real.

For inspiration, check out the image below showcasing a modified Mitsubishi Galant NZ:

Modified Mitsubishi Galant NZ

Modification Description
Performance Exhaust System An upgraded exhaust system that improves airflow and enhances the engine’s sound.
Suspension Enhancements Lowering springs or performance shocks that improve handling and provide a sportier ride.
Engine Tuning Optimizing the engine’s performance through software upgrades or hardware modifications.
Body Kit An aerodynamic package that includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a spoiler.
Custom Paintwork A unique color or finish that adds a personalized touch to the Galant’s exterior.

Reviews of the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ has won over drivers in New Zealand. Its reliability and fuel efficiency stand out. People love this car. The ride is comfortable and there’s lots of room inside. This makes it great for families or anyone who needs space. The sleek design and great performance make driving fun.

Driver Testimonials

“The Mitsubishi Galant NZ has exceeded my expectations in reliability and fuel efficiency. It’s perfect for my daily commutes.”

– Sarah Thompson, Auckland

“I love how spacious and comfortable the Mitsubishi Galant NZ is. It fits my family and our stuff for trips easily.”

– Jack Wilson, Wellington

“The sleek design of the Mitsubishi Galant NZ caught my eye, but its performance truly impressed me. It handles beautifully.”

– Emily Scott, Christchurch

Expert Reviews

Publication Review Rating
The New Zealand Herald “The Mitsubishi Galant NZ combines reliability, fuel efficiency, and spaciousness well. It’s a top pick for both families and individuals.” 5 out of 5
NZ Car Magazine “With its sleek design and comfortable ride, the Galant stands out in the mid-sized sedan market. It’s great value for the money.” 4.5 out of 5
Drive New Zealand “For a reliable and fuel-efficient sedan, look no further than the Mitsubishi Galant NZ. Its smooth handling and spacious interior make it a joy to drive.” 4 out of 5

Buying a Mitsubishi Galant NZ

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a popular mid-sized sedan in New Zealand. It’s a top pick for those looking for a reliable and stylish car. There are various buying options available.

You can visit authorized dealers for new or certified pre-owned models. Dealerships offer warranties and reliable vehicles. They let you test drive Galant models and explain financing options.

Private sellers also list Mitsubishi Galant NZ cars for sale. You can find these listings on websites and online platforms. It’s crucial to inspect the car well and take it for a test drive. Checking its service history offers clues about its care and maintenance.

Online vehicle sales platforms offer another way to find a Mitsubishi Galant NZ. They have listings from both dealerships and private sellers. This makes it easier to compare prices, features, and conditions of various cars.

When buying a Mitsubishi Galant NZ, think about warranty, financing, and after-sales services. A good warranty offers extra security. Favorable financing can make the car more affordable. Consider the availability of maintenance services and spare parts too.

Maintenance and Servicing for the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

Keeping your Mitsubishi Galant NZ in top shape is crucial. Stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule and use real parts. This ensures your car works well for a long time.

Don’t skip oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations. These basics keep your Galant reliable and efficient. Skipping them could lead to problems later.

Using the correct oil type is vital for your Galant. Regular oil and filter changes keep the engine running smoothly. This reduces damage to important parts.

“Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Mitsubishi Galant running smoothly and avoiding costly repairs.”

Changing air and fuel filters often is also key. Clean filters mean your engine performs well and uses fuel efficiently. They stop the engine from overworking.

Tire rotations matter too. Doing this as suggested evens out tire wear. This makes your tires last longer and your car handle better.

Fix problems as soon as they come up. This stops them from getting worse. If you see warning lights or hear odd noises, get them checked.

“Regular maintenance not only keeps your Galant in top shape but also helps maintain its resale value.”

Choose authorized centers or trusted shops for your car’s care. Using real parts and following the car maker’s advice is best. This keeps your Galant running well and holding its value.

Learn more about taking care of your Mitsubishi Galant NZ. Visit the official Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand website.

Regular care keeps your Mitsubishi Galant NZ dependable. It ensures you enjoy driving it safely for many years.

Insurance and Ownership Costs for the Mitsubishi Galant NZ

Owning a Mitsubishi Galant NZ means thinking about the costs. These include insurance and other ownership expenses. Factors like the driver’s age, where you live, your driving record, and your insurance company affect these costs.

Getting the best deal on insurance is easier if you compare quotes. This way, you can find coverage that fits your budget. You could save money and protect your Mitsubishi Galant NZ.

Remember, fuel costs are part of owning a car. The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is fuel-efficient, averaging **30 miles per gallon**. This helps you save on gas over time.

Maintenance is another key expense. Keep your Galant in top shape with regular oil changes and tire rotations. Following the recommended service schedule can extend your car’s life and save on big repairs later.

Think about the possibility of repairs too. The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is reliable, but surprises can happen. Setting aside a repair budget is smart.

Overall, calculating the costs of owning a Mitsubishi Galant NZ means looking at insurance, fuel, maintenance, and repair costs. By planning, you can enjoy your car without worries.

Insurance and Ownership Costs – At a Glance

Insurance Factors Ownership Costs
  • Driver’s age
  • Location
  • Driving history
  • Insurance provider
  • Insurance premiums
  • Fuel consumption
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Potential repairs


The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a trusted and budget-friendly mid-sized sedan. It ensures a smooth ride, stands out in performance, and comes with handy features. it’s popular in New Zealand for being reliable, fuel-efficient, and stylish.

This sedan is easy to customize, thanks to readily available parts and accessories. Owners can upgrade its performance or change its look to match their taste.

In summary, the Mitsubishi Galant NZ blends cost-effectiveness with dependability. Its cozy inside, top-notch performance, and slick appearance make it a top pick for drivers. It suits both daily commutes and long drives perfectly.


Is the Mitsubishi Galant popular in New Zealand?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Galant is a well-liked mid-sized sedan in New Zealand.

What are the specs of the Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

The Mitsubishi Galant NZ is a sedan with four doors. It fits up to five passengers. It measures 4630 mm in length, 1740 mm in width, and stands 1425 mm tall.The wheelbase is 2635 mm long, and it weighs 1260 kg.

What is the performance of the Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

Powered by a 4-cylinder engine, the Mitsubishi Galant NZ offers 100 kW of power. It also has 178 Nm of torque and can reach up to 210 km/h.

Are there available parts for the Mitsubishi Galant NZ in New Zealand?

Yes, finding parts and accessories for the Mitsubishi Galant in New Zealand is easy. Local dealerships, online platforms, and shops provide both genuine and aftermarket parts.

Can the Mitsubishi Galant NZ be modified?

Definitely, the Mitsubishi Galant NZ is customizable to suit personal tastes. People often enhance its performance or add body kits and spoilers for a new look.

What do drivers in New Zealand say about the Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

New Zealand drivers praise the Mitsubishi Galant NZ for its reliability and fuel efficiency. They also enjoy its comfortable ride and strong performance.

Where can I buy a Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

You can buy the Mitsubishi Galant NZ through authorized dealers, from private sellers, or on the internet. There are many options to fit your needs and budget.

How should I maintain and service my Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

To keep your Mitsubishi Galant NZ running well, regular maintenance is key. Be sure to change the oil, replace filters, and rotate tires as needed. Following the manufacturer’s service advice and using genuine parts is best.

What are the insurance and ownership costs of the Mitsubishi Galant NZ?

Insurance and ownership costs depend on the driver’s age, where they live, their driving record, and their insurance company. Comparing quotes from different insurers is a good way to find the best rate.

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